• Policy

    Policy works at the intersection of human rights and technology, furthering Access Now’s mission by developing and promoting rights-respecting practices and policies. With staff placed strategically around the world, we seek to advance laws and global norms to effect long-term systemic change in the area of digital rights and online security, developing insightful, rights-based, and well-researched policy guidance to governments, corporations, and civil society.

  • Advocacy

    Advocacy leverages deep user engagement, bold visual advocacy, and innovative campaign tactics. Our campaigns bring our policy positions and advocacy asks straight to the halls of parliaments and corporate boardrooms, package and deliver secure technologies to protect users at risk, and mobilize global internet users to pressure the powerful.

  • Tech

    Tech provides technology solutions and real-time advice for users at risk in circumstances where communications are not open, free, or safe. Through our 24/7 Digital Security Helpline, we offer technical guidance and incident response to inform and support activists, journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society actors on the ground.

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