US: Say no to cyber surveillance!
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US: Say no to cyber surveillance!

President Obama promised to veto any bill that sacrifices our fundamental rights or rewards companies for undermining our privacy — but now we have five bad bills that do just that. Each one allows companies to share our private data with the government.

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Save the internet in India!
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Save the internet in India!

Regulators in India are planning to allow telcos to discriminate among customers, blocking apps and websites to extort more money from businesses and users. Tell them to protect your rights -- join more than 500,000 people (and counting) in the fight to defend Net Neutrality and a free and open internet.

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US: Fight 215
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US: Fight 215

Tell the US Congress it's time to end the NSA's untargeted mass surveillance under Section 215 of the Patriot Act.

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Transparency Reporting Index
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Transparency Reporting Index

Access' transparency report index features a record of reports from today’s leading internet companies and telcos.

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