Digital Security Helpline

What is the Digital Security Helpline?

Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline works with individuals and organizations around the world to keep them safe online. If you’re at risk, we can help you improve your digital security practices to keep out of harm’s way. If you’re already under attack, we provide rapid-response emergency assistance.

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Our 24/7 services are available with support in nine languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Arabic, and Italian. We respond to all requests within two hours.

How Can We Help You?

We are a free-of-charge resource for civil society around the world. We offer real-time, direct technical assistance and advice to civil society groups & activists, media organizations, journalists & bloggers, and human rights defenders.

The Helpline will walk you or your organization through assessing the risks you face in your work, and together we’ll prioritize your digital security needs. We’ll help you resolve existing problems, teach you some of the most important best practices, and help you get into a secure mindset for the future.

Our Services

Digital Security Helpline
  • Rapid response for digital security incidents
  • Personalized recommendations, instruction, and follow-up support for digital security issues
  • Help assessing risks and creating organizational or community security strategies
  • Guidance and educational materials on security practices and tools for organizations, communities, groups, and individuals
  • Support for securing technical infrastructure, websites, and social media against attacks
  • Referrals, capacity-building, in-person consultations, and training

How to Contact Us?

[email protected]

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Fingerprint: 6CE6 221C 98EC F399 A04C 41B8 C46B ED33 32E8 A2BC

We commit to using the best practices in the field when we collect, store, and use sensitive information. For more information about how we protect your personal data, and our Helpline Terms of Service, please read our Data Usage Policy.

Where is the Helpline?

Community & Resources

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Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline is a member of the Civil Society Computer Emergency Response Team (CiviCERT), an accredited CERT focused on improving the incident response capabilities of civil society groups and individuals around the world.

CiviCERT is an initiative of Rapid Response Network (RaReNet), a network of non-governmental organizations, internet content and service providers, and individuals who contribute their time and resources to globally improve the security awareness of civil society groups.

As part of Access Now’s work and in collaboration with the broader community, we create and contribute to guides and materials to help communities, organizations, and individuals improve their digital security. These guides target a spectrum of users, from non-technical users to website administrators. Please find some guides below: