Independence, diversity, and sustainability are central to Access Now’s ability to carry out its mission, and we rely on the support of a diverse range of stakeholders.

The majority of our support comes from foundations and development agencies, with the rest coming from companies, courts, individuals, and civil society organizations. To ensure the independence, and integrity of our organization, we accept support contingent upon the following non-negotiables:

  • Access Now does not accept funding that places its staff, partners, supported communities, or mission at risk.
  • Access Now does not accept funding that jeopardizes its relationship with its partners, stakeholders, or supported communities and networks.
  • Access Now does not accept funding that compromises its organizational independence, including funding relationships that may influence its priorities, policy positions, advocacy efforts, regions of focus, or direct action work.
  • Access Now does not accept funding that poses a risk to its reputation more broadly or with respect to specific programmatic areas of work.

To learn about the RightsCon funding policy, click here. For more information on Access Now’s approach to fundraising, transparency, and independence, click here.

All contributions, large and small, go a long way. If you are an individual and would like to donate you can contribute here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or reach out directly to a member of our staff. Access Now is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. All contributions are tax deductible.


GrantFunderDurationAmount (USD)
RightsCon Toronto Conference Sponsorship Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs April 201850,000
RightsCon Toronto Conference Sponsorship Mozilla Foundation April 2018 35,000
Program Support – SAFETAG AuditingInternewsApril 2018 23,367
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipAutomatticApril 201810,000
RightsCon Toronto Conference Sponsorship DropboxApril 2018 10,000
Core Organizational Support and RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipFacebookMarch 201850,000
Tech, Policy, Advocacy, and Grants Program SupportSidaMarch 2018780,500
Program Support and RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipGlobal Affairs CanadaMarch 2018273,876
Policy Program Support Dutch Ministry of Foreign AffairsMarch 2018 361,200
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipFord FoundationFebruary 2018 25,000
Core Organizational SupportSigrid Rausing TrustFebruary 2018  137,090
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipTwitterFebruary 2018 25,000
RightsCon Toronto Conference Sponsorship Verisign February 2018  10,000
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipBritish TelecomJanuary 2018 10,123
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipFenwick & West LLPJanuary 2018 10,000
Core Organizational Support and RightsCon Toronto SponsorshipMicrosoftJanuary 201875,000
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipJohn Templeton FoundationJanuary 2018180,000
Policy Program SupportUK Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeJanuary 201827,902
Policy Program SupportMiami FoundationJanuary 2018100,000
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipReddit January 201810,000

GrantFunderDurationAmount (USD)
  Program Support – Digital SecurityMicrosoft December 201750,000
RightsCon TorontoConference Sponsorship Humanity UnitedDecember 2017 50,000
RightsCon TorontoConference SponsorshipICANNDecember 201715,000
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipCentre for International Governance InnovationDecember 20179,990
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipTunnelbearDecember 20179,980
 Tech and Policy Program Support Sida December 2017 470,864
RightsCon Toronto Conference SponsorshipGoogleDecember 2017 100,000
 RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipDutch Ministry of Foreign AffairsDecember 2017  50,000
 Core Organizational Support Sonos November 2017 15,000
  Core Organizational Support Minneapolis Foundation November 2017  10,000
 Core Organizational SupportAnonymous Donation November 2017 20,000
Policy Program SupportMozillaOctober 2017 20,000
RightsCon Toronto SponsorshipInternet SocietyOctober 201725,000
Policy Program SupportDutch Ministry of Foreign AffairsOctober 2017258,600
Crypto Colloquium – Conference SponsorshipInternet AssociationOctober 20175,000
Policy Program SupportUK Foreign and Commonwealth Office September 2017x97,212
RightsCon Toronto Sponsorship Private Internet AccessSeptember 2017 50,000
RightsCon Toronto SponsorshipIDRC September 201740,522
Policy Program SupportMozillaAugust 20177,500
RightsCon Toronto SponsorshipVodafone IncAugust 201750,000
Policy Program SupportThe Miami FoundationAugust 2017100,000
Core Organizational SupportAnonymous DonationJuly 2017200,000
Program Support – Digital SecurityMicrosoftJuly 2017100,000
Core Organizational SupportOak FoundationJune 2017150,000
Cy Pres AwardPerkins v. LinkedInMay 2017347,332
Core Organizational SupportAnne Coombs and Susan VargaMay 201722,682
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference Sponsorship
OmidyarApril 201715,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference Sponsorship
OSCEApril 201726,500
Core Organizational SupportGoogleApril 2017100,000
 Program Support – Digital SecurityMicrosoft April 2017100,000
 RightsCon: Brussels – Conference Sponsorship Open Society Foundations  April 201725,000 
Policy Program Support – Over the Top  GoogleApril 201751,700 
 RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipAnchorFree April 201710,000
 Core Organizational Support and RightsCon: Brussels- Conference Sponsorship Facebook March 201753,000 
 Core Organizational SupportSigrid Rausing Trust  March 2017 121,000
 RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipFord FoundationMarch 201725,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipBTMarch 201710,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipReddit February 201710,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipAutomattic February 201750,000
Core Organizational SupportAnonymous Donation January 20175,144
Core Organizational SupportCraig Newmark January 201710,000
Core Organizational SupportJon Callas and Tamzen Cannoy January 20175,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipYahoo!January 201710,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipVerizonJanuary 201710,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipMozillaJanuary 201725,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipHumanity UnitedJanuary 201725,000
Core Organizational SupportDuck Duck GoJanuary 20175,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipCiscoJanuary 201725,000
Tech, Policy, Advocacy, and Grants Program SupportSidaJanuary 20172,372,741
Core Organizational SupportMozillaJanuary 2017100,000
Program Support – Internet ShutdownsLushJanuary 201760,963

GrantFunderDurationAmount (USD)
Core Organizational SupportVanguard Charitable Endowment ProgramDecember 201640,000
Core Organizational SupportThe Minneapolis FoundationDecember 201650,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipTwitterDecember 201620,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference Meeting SponsorshipMozillaDecember 201625,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipInternet SocietyDecember 201625,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipICANNDecember 201610,000
Program Support – Internet ShutdownsUK Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeDecember 201675,627
Policy Program Support – Over the TopGoogleDecember 2016198,300
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipPrivate Internet Access | London Trust MediaNovember 201630,000
Tech, Policy, Advocacy, and Grants Program SupportSidaNovember 2016234,314
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipVodafoneOctober 201650,000
RightsCon: Brussels – Conference SponsorshipGoogleSeptember 2016100,000
Core Organizational SupportMicrosoftSeptember 201685,000
Core Organizational SupportThe 11th Hour ProjectAugust 2016125,000
Core Organizational SupportAnonymous DonationJune 2016200,000
Core Organizational Support – Org DevelopmentOak FoundationJune 2016100,000
Tech, Policy, Advocacy, and Grants Program SupportSidaMay 2016658,350
Core Organizational Support and RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference SponsorshipFacebookMay 201650,000
Core Organizational SupportYelpMay 20165,000
Core Organizational SupportUnion Square VenturesApril 20165,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference SponsorshipICANNApril 201610,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference SponsorshipRightsCon.orgApril 2016146,535
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference SponsorshipMicrosoftApril 201650,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference Meeting SponsorshipMozillaApril 201615,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference SponsorshipRedditMarch 201610,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference SponsorshipMozillaMarch 201625,000
Core Organizational SupportOxfam NovibMarch 201610,874
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference SponsorshipDutch Ministry of Foreign AffairsMarch 201649,982
Policy Program SupportGoogleMarch 2016100,000
Core Organizational SupportSigrid Rausing TrustMarch 2016142,500
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipTwitterMarch 201620,000
Core Organizational Support and RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipLinkedInMarch 201650,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipDropboxMarch 201610,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipIDRCMarch 201634,663
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipYelpFebruary 20165,000
Core Organizational SupportOak FoundationFebruary 2016200,000
Core Organizational SupportMozillaFebruary 2016100,000
Tech, Policy, Advocacy, and Grants Program SupportSidaJanuary 20161,392,765
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorship Ford FoundationJanuary 201625,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorship Yahoo!January 201610,000

FY 2015 Funding Chart

GrantFunderDurationAmount (USD)
Core Organizational SupportThe Minneapolis FoundationDecember 20155,000
Core Organizational SupportAccess Now Global MembershipDecember 20163,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference SponsorshipVoqalDecember 201510,000
Core Organizational SupportNew Venture FundNovember 201515,000
Core Organizational SupportVoqalNovember 20156,250
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipHumanity UnitedNovember 201520,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorship Internet SocietyNovember 201535,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipLondon Media TrustOctober 201525,000
Policy Program Support and RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference SupportGoogleOctober 2015120,000
Core Organizational SupportAnonymous DonationAugust 2015195,000
Policy Program Support – Crypto SummitBSAJuly 201510,000
Policy Program SupportLinkedInJuly 20152,500
Tech, Policy, Advocacy, and Grants Program SupportSidaJuly 2015698,400
Policy Program SupportMicrosoftJuly 201545,000
Core Organizational SupportOxfam NovibJune 2015113,469
Core Organizational SupportPrivate Internet Access | London Trust MediaJune 20155,000
Core Organizational Support – Regional StrengtheningThe 11th Hour ProjectMay 2015225,000
Core Organizational SupportMozillaMay 2015100,000
Core Organizational Support  and RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipMicrosoftMay 201540,000
Tech, Policy, and Advocacy Program SupportSidaApril 2015777,400
Core Organizational Support and RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipGoogleApril 2015100,000
RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipYahoo!April 201510,000
RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipRightsCon.orgMarch 201538,374
Core Organizational Support and RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipLinkedInMarch 201550,000
RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipICANNMarch 201510,000
Core Organizational SupportThe Sigrid Rausing TrustMarch 2015225,045
RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipMozillaMarch 201510,000
Core Organizational SupportOak FoundationFebruary 2015250,000
Core Organizational SupportAnne CoombsFebruary 201522,000
RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipMedia Democracy FundFebruary 201510,000
RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipInternet SocietyJanuary 201510,000
Core Organizational Support and RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference sponsorshipFacebookJanuary 201550,000
Core Organizational SupportYelpJanuary 201515,000
Core Organizational SupportSilicon Valley Community FundJanuary 20155,000

FY 2014 Funding Chart

GrantFunderDurationAmount (USD)
Tech Program Support – Digital SecuritySidaDecember 2014390,600
RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference SponsorshipAsia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)December 20143,943
RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference SponsorshipTwitterDecember 201430,000
Regional Program SupportThe 11th Hour ProjectDecember 201475,000
RightsCon: Southeast Asia – Conference SponsorshipWeb We WantNovember 201410,000
Policy Program SupportGoogleOctober 201450,000
Core Organizational SupportOxfam NovibOctober 2014125,910
Core Organizational SupportVoqalSeptember 2014125,000
Core Organizational SupportYelpAugust 20145,000
Core Organizational SupportMicrosoftJuly 201440,000
Policy Program SupportGoogleJuly 201450,000
Tech Program Support – Digital SecuritySidaJune 2014765,509
Core Organizational SupportFacebook
June 201450,000
Core Organizational Support – Emphasis on Tech Innovation PrizeJohn Templeton FoundationMay 201450,000
Policy Program Support – LatAm Digital Rights MappingIDRCMay 20145,000
Policy Program Support – Internet Governances and Telecoms AdvocacyMedia Democracy FundMay 201420,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipInternet SocietyMay 20142,500
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipVoqalApril 20145,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipSilicon Valley Community FundApril 20145,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipICANNApril 201425,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipEbayApril 201410,000
Core Organizational SupportAll Out / Purpose FoundationMarch 20142,500
Core Organizational SupportThe Sigrid Rausing TrustMarch 2014242,650
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Event OperationsRightsCon.orgMarch 201475,375
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipOak FoundationMarch 201410,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipTwitterFebruary 201410,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipMicrosoftFebruary 201425,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipAnchorFreeFebruary 201410,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorshipMedia Democracy FundFebruary 201410,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Conference sponsorship Mozilla FoundationFebruary 2014  25,000
RightsCon: Silicon Valley – Activist and Civil Society Travel SupportHivosJanuary 201440,000
Policy Program Support – Emphasis on Internet GovernanceGoogleJanuary 2014100,000

GrantFunderDurationAmount (USD)
Core Organizational Support and RightsCon: Silicon Valley conference sponsorshipFord FoundationDecember 2013250,000
Policy Program Support – Global digital due processGoogleDecember 201375,000
RightsCon Silicon Valley – Conference supportInternet SocietyDecember 20135,000
Policy Program Support – Emphasis on internet governanceGoogleDecember 2013100,000
Core Organizational SupportHamish ParkerNovember 201315,870
Tech Program SupportKnight FoundationOctober 201335,000
Tech Program Support and RightsCon: Silicon ValleyHumanity UnitedOctober 2013140,000
Policy Program Support – LatAm digital rights mapping and regional advocacyIDRCAugust 201325,000
Policy Program Support – Global digital due processGoogleAugust 2013150,000
Tech Program Support – Digital securitySidaJuly 2013781,000
Policy Program Support – Emphasis on internet governance and telecomsOxfam NovibJuly 2013132,160
Core Organizational Support – Emphasis on digital securitySwedbankJune 201360,000
Core Organizational SupportAnne Coombs
May 201318,777
Policy Program Support – Net discrimination in EuropeSkypeApril 201325,000
Policy Program Support – Emphasis on internet governanceGoogleApril 201360,000
Policy Program Support – LatAm digital rights mapping and regional advocacyGoogleFebruary 201350,000
Tech Program Support – Global Proxy Cloud and circumvention technologyVoqalFebruary 201375,000
Core Organizational Support – Emphasis on digital security, global digital due process, and internet governanceThe Sigrid Rausing TrustFebruary 2013222,000
Core Organizational SupportFacebookFebruary 201350,000

GrantFunderDurationAmount (USD)
Individual Donor Support – Emphasis on core organizational work and special projectsGlobal Movement DonationsThroughout 201235,166
Policy Program Support – Internet governance and telecoms advocacyMedia Democracy FundDecember 201220,000
Tech Program Support – Civil Society ReportOxfam NovibDecember 201264,000
Policy Program Support – LatAm digital rights mapping and regional advocacy workIDRCNovember 201250,000
Tech Program Support – HowSecureAmI.orgSwedish Ministry of Foreign AffairsDecember 201235,000
Policy Program Support – Net NeutralitySkypeOctober 201250,000
Policy Program Support – Global digital due processGoogleOctober 201275,000
Policy Program Support – Internet governanceGoogleAugust 2012120,000
Core Organizational SupportJohn Templeton FoundationDecember 2012300,000
RightsCon: Rio – Hackathon coordination and travel supportNew America Foundation (OpenITP)April 201216,245
Core Organizational SupportMozillaMay 2012100,000
Core Organizational SupportSwedbankJune 201228,490
RightsCon: Rio – Conference sponsorshipNew America Foundation (OTI)
April 201210,000
RightsCon: Rio – Conference sponsorshipSkypeApril 201220,000
RightsCon: Rio – Conference sponsorshipGoogleApril 201250,000
Core Organizational SupportFacebookApril 201225,000
RightsCon: Rio – Conference sponsorshipMozillaApril 201210,000
RightsCon: Rio – Conference sponsorshipSecDev FoundationApril 20129,982
RightsCon: Rio – Conference sponsorshipNew IT FoundationApril 201210,000
RightsCon: Rio – Conference sponsorshipInternet Society April 2012 5,000 
 Core Organizational SupportThe Sigrid Rausing TrustMarch 2012155,420
Core Organizational Support SwedbankFebruary 201230,066


2011 funding

2010 funding


Access Now’s mission is to defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world. To this end, we work to ensure all of our programs and services create real outcomes, whether through technology support, advocating for rights-respecting policy or holding companies, governments and others accountable to user rights. As such, we believe we must also be accountable to our partners, supporters and individuals who depend on open and secure communications. Find below our Annual Reports, independently audited financial statements and tax filings for available years since Access Now was founded in 2009.

Please note that our annual Financial Statements and Federal Tax Returns are published in November of the following year.

Financial Statements (PDFs)

Federal Tax Returns (PDFs)