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Beatrice Martini

Education and Communities Lead

Beatrice is the Education and Communities Lead for the Digital Security Helpline. She manages the organization and improvement of educational efforts by the Helpline team, builds relationships with key civil society partners and safety trainers, and helps drive the presence and viability of the Helpline for some of the most vulnerable communities. Previously, Beatrice led the Human Rights Technology program at the nonprofit Aspiration, driving collaborative initiatives with technology capacity builders, community organizers, lawyers, and researchers supporting human rights efforts globally. Before that, she worked at the Open Knowledge Foundation and on several projects leveraging open source technology in support of justice and rights endeavors. She is also a research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, where she explores the implications of Internet infrastructure design on human rights, and serves in a formal advisory role with the Center for the Cultivation of Technology and OpenArchive.