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Joe Steele

Chief Operating Officer

Joe Steele is Chief Operating Officer at Access Now. He is responsible for managing the strategic growth and development of the organization. This includes overseeing new operational infrastructure and administration, governance of the organization’s global entities, support for the development of new programmatic areas, and the organization’s personnel growth strategy. Joe also provides support and guidance to the finances, legal, and human resources teams as it relates to the growth and development of the organization. Prior to Access Now, Joe worked as an education and program consultant with Heshima Kenya, an international human rights organization based in Nairobi, Kenya that works to build sustainable, income-generating programs for unaccompanied youth in Nairobi’s poorest enclaves. Previously, he worked in education, teaching high school English and Special Education with the New York City Department of Education. In his spare time, he tackles various projects at his woodworking studio in Brooklyn or meandering the green oasis of Prospect Park near his home.