The list below shows the most common areas for which the Digital Security Helpline will assist users at risk around the world. In case of digital security needs that are not listed here, we encourage our users and intermediaries to check with us, as we may still be able to assist.

Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment

  • Digital Security Consultations
    The Helpline will walk users through their individual risk profile, and will prioritize together with them their digital security needs.
  • Organizational Security Support
    The Helpline will help organizations prioritize their digital security needs and create a plan to improve their digital security stance.
  • Safe Travel Advice
    The Helpline will assist end users in creating an easy-to-remember rule set, increasing their physical and online security while travelling.

Secure Communications

  • Email Security
    The Helpline will advise users on the challenges of email communications and recommend the best-suited tools to protect their email exchanges.
  • Instant Messaging Security
    The Helpline can recommend strategies to ensure a secure, confidential instant messaging communication with the tools that are best suited for the user’s needs.
  • Mobile Device Security
    The Helpline can provide users with recommendations on the best practices to make their mobile devices more secure.
  • Voice / Video Call Security
    Our team can suggest strategies and resources to reduce the risk of eavesdropping while making direct calls through the internet.

File Storage Security

  • Sensitive information Storage
    The Helpline can guide users through tools and techniques to protect sensitive files on their devices.
  • Secure Deletion
    When sensitive data need to be securely deleted, the Helpline can assist users in learning how to securely remove data from devices so they cannot be recovered.
  • Data backup strategies
    Whether it is for personal information or organizational assets, the Helpline can assist users in identifying tools and defining procedures to safely back up their digital information.

Vulnerabilities and Malware

  • Vulnerabilities
    If a system weakness emerges, the Helpline can guide users through the proper steps for patching and, if necessary, responsible disclosure.
  • Malware Prevention
    The Helpline can suggest the most appropriate tools and techniques to protect devices from malicious software.
  • Phishing / Malware Triage and Containment
    The Helpline can assist in analyzing suspicious emails and attachments. If malicious programs are detected in the analyzed devices, the Helpline will provide assistance in containing the infection and recovering control of the devices.

Authentication Security

  • Password Creation and Management
    The Helpline will provide instructions on user-friendly techniques and tools to create and store strong passwords.
  • Multi-factor Authentication
    The Helpline can assist with the implementation of multi-factor authentication for accounts on social networking websites and web services.

Web Browsing

  • Browse Securely
    The Helpline team can recommend the best practices and tools to browse the internet safely.

Social Media Security

  • Social Media Privacy and Security
    The Helpline will provide guidance on best practices for using social networking platforms and other web services, including permissions, two-factor authentication, and more.
  • Account Recovery
    When an individual has lost control of one of their web accounts, the Helpline will work together with them to investigate what happened and walk them through the necessary steps to pursue recovery of their account.

Anonymity & Censorship

  • Anonymity
    The Helpline team will provide information and instructions on the different techniques and strategies to browse the internet and communicate anonymously.
  • Censorship Circumvention
    The Helpline will provide information about technologies and solutions available to circumvent internet censorship, especially when implemented, officially or through malicious techniques, in relation to elections.
  • Shutdowns
    The Helpline can assist in preparing for an internet shutdown, especially in the leadup to elections, as well as in identifying potential workarounds when a blackout has already occurred.
  • DDoS Attacks Prevention and Reaction
    The Helpline can help at-risk users implement solutions to protect their websites from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. If a DDoS attack is already under way, the Helpline can assist in containing it together with trusted partners.
  • Fake Domains Reporting
    Where a website is being impersonated through a fake domain, the Helpline can work with the affected individual or organization to report and disable the impersonating domain and infrastructure.

Access Now’s Digital Security Clinic brings the Helpline to you

Our staff offers Digital Security Clinics in parallel to civil society conferences, gatherings of human rights defenders, and other events reaching users at risk. Clinics provide a space for attendees to raise issues and concerns about their digital wellness, and receive expert help in solving any problems they may have.