Update: Major regulator in Kenya pledges not to shut down internet

The Communications Authority of Kenya declared its commitment to keeping the internet on during next week’s election in a tweet on Wednesday. This strong affirmation came shortly after presidential opposition candidate Raila Odinga, during a televised presidential debate, warned against government censorship or an internet shutdown in the August 8 contest.

As we’ve noted in detail before, we believe leaders, including current President Uhuru Kenyatta, should unequivocally rule out the possibility of an internet shutdown, and we have urged telecommunications companies in the country to take clear, public steps to ensure they are not complicit in any intentional disruptions. Researchers at KICTANet also examined Kenyan law to assess the legality of shutdowns and their impact upon the economy in an important report. We also recommend that the Authority follow strict guidelines that respect human rights law when considering how to respond to online hate speech.

You can learn more about what’s happening in Kenya here, and join the global coalition fighting internet shutdowns here.