Image: Russia-Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Access Now stands with the people of Ukraine as they endure Russia’s large-scale military invasion targeting population centers across the country, alongside ongoing cyberattacks impacting critical services and infrastructure.

Digital right violations enable and escalate offline violence, and the calculated attacks targeting digital systems essential to people’s safety and wellbeing are unacceptable.

We also stand in solidarity with the activists, journalists, and human rights defenders in Russia and Belarus fighting to ensure people in their countries have access to the truth, as well as the platforms necessary to voice their dissent and mobilize for peace and democracy.

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What does Ukraine’s online space look like?

Ukraine’s online space has been targeted by Russia through cyberattacks since before the war. It is believed Russian authorities have:

Authorities in Ukraine and beyond have responded by:

What does Russia’s online space look like?

Online censorship and crackdowns on dissent voices have been escalating further in Russia since the beginning of war. Russian authorities have:

Prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, authorities had:

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