Net Discrimination

Fighting for Net Neutrality

Paid “fast lanes” for the internet undermine free expression and innovation. Internet access should be offered to everyone on a nondiscriminatory basis, without favoring certain websites, applications, services, or business models.  We advocate for net neutrality to ensure access to a free and open internet around the world.

Civil society won’t back down: the fight for net neutrality continues in California

Internet service providers (ISPs) oppose SB 822, which grants California residents the best net neutrality protections in the United States.




Zero rating: a global threat to the open internet

We discuss two primary models for “zero rating” — both of which are a form of network discrimination and harm human rights.

EU Ukraine


Open letter to the EU: protect people affected by Russia’s attack on Ukraine

In a letter to the EU, Access Now provides recommendations related to tech platforms and telecoms operators in the context of the war in Ukraine.

internet gateway

Data Protection

Cambodia should scrap rights-abusing National Internet Gateway

Access Now and a coalition of rights organizations call on Cambodia to revoke plans to establish an internet gateway.

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