How to get rid of targeted ads on TikTok (only in the EU)

Many of us have serious and legitimate concerns about whether social media platforms like TikTok are protecting our data and privacy. While lawmakers around the world are calling for bans and publically grilling CEOs, we still don’t have adequate answers to basic questions. Since we have been left in the dark, not knowing whether the apps we use are safe or not, it’s important we take every step we can to protect ourselves and mitigate the harms of surveillance-based business models. If you’re in the EU, you can take the following steps to get rid of targeted ads on TikTok. Here’s how.

1.  Learn what you “agreed” to on TikTok

2. Get rid of TikTok’s targeted ads!

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In the meantime, at Access Now, we’ll keep fighting to ensure that your privacy and data rights are protected, no matter where you live, or which social media platform you use.
We thank Chiara Manfredini for her work on this guide.