Don’t miss RightsCon Brussels on March 29-31 2017

Since RightsCon Brussels (March 29-31, 2017) is fast approaching, we’ve got a few updates for you.

First, you should know we’ve got a stunning array of sessions this year, covering the most pressing topics at the intersection of human rights and technology — such as government hacking and surveillance of marginalized communities, border control and human rights, “fake news” and censorship, CVE and algorithmic accountability, biometrics and the right to privacy, election hacking, Net Neutrality, inclusion, internet shutdowns, and yes, even the future of democracy itself.

There’s even more. We have 200+ program sessions of varying formats and viewpoints.

It’s our best program ever.

So if you haven’t already, get your tickets to join in, as 1,200 experts from more than 80 countries gather in the heart of Europe to develop strategies, find solutions, and protect human rights in the twenty-first century.

Major tech companies (WhatsApp, Nokia, Twitter, Cisco, Facebook, Tresorit, Google, Vodafone, etc) will connect with advocates from civil society (members from EDRi, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Human Rights Watch, Digital Rights Foundation, Internet Society, Derechos Digitales, etc.) and representatives from government (the U.K., Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Australia, United States, Switzerland, Canada, etc).

You’ll meet bloggers from Russia, advocates in the global LGBT community, democracy activists from across the Middle East, and more.

Universities (from Oxford to Harvard), courts (including The International Criminal Court), intergovernmental organizations (UNESCO, UNICEF, and the ITU) will be participating, as well as key organs of the internet (ICANN, the Web Foundation, AFRINIC, etc).

The program will include special events at the European Parliament, social events and parties (hosted by Microsoft, Mozilla, and Automattic), screenings of movies, book launches, and private bilateral meetings throughout.

See more of our speakers and sponsors online. You can also see the public participant list and connect with other participants.

There will also be side events hosted by the European Commission and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, RightsCon’s Youth4Rights event, and the ASL19’s Iran Cyber Dialogue.

We sell out every year. This year, we’re selling more tickets, sooner. So we encourage you to save your seat and register now.

We’re excited to see so many of you already sharing your plans for RightsCon. We’ll have more news soon, so stay tuned.