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UN creates new Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy

10:15pm | 26 March 2015 | by Access Policy Team,

Responding to civil society voices, and the leadership of Brazil and Germany, the Human Rights Council has moved decisively forward in the battle for privacy online.

Hashtags, Card Games, and Digital Rights: RightsCon Southeast Asia Closes

6:43am | 25 March 2015 | by Access Team,

RightsCon Southeast Asia closed after another jam-packed day of events and demos of exciting tech tools. More than 500 participants joined together to learn, to contribute, and to achieve real world outcomes.

Access Joins Call For Surveillance Reform: Without Changes, Spying Law Must Expire

5:47am | 25 March 2015 | by Amie Stepanovich,

Today, Access joined a coalition of dozens of civil society organizations, trade associations, and companies demanding an end to bulk surveillance activities conducted by the government under provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act. If sufficient reform cannot be passed, then we must call on Congress to allow these provisions to sunset without any reauthorization.

Supreme Court of India issues historic ruling on free expression, disappoints on website blocking

10:08am | 24 March 2015 | by Access Team,

The court's ruling is still a victory for online speech in the country, despite skirting the issue of website blocking, says Access' Asia Consultant Raman Jit Singh Chima.

First Day of RightsCon Southeast Asia Wraps on High Note

6:23am | 24 March 2015 | by Access Team,

After a busy first day, the conference saw the launch of new principles on free expression and an important judgment from a high court in India.

Not the Place for FOMO: Opening Remarks from RightsCon Southeast Asia

7:34pm | 23 March 2015 | by Brett Solomon,

Opening remarks from Access' Executive Director Brett Solomon at RightsCon Southeast Asia.

Human rights left out of sight in UK’s new surveillance guidelines

5:00am | 23 March 2015 | by Jack Bussell,

Access and a coalition of civil society organizations called on the Home Office of the United Kingdom to address questions about the lack of human rights protections found in its surveillance authorities.

Australia on verge of passing new data retention bill

3:01am | 22 March 2015 | by Access Team,

On March 19, the Australian House of Representatives passed a new data retention bill. Will it put the rights of journalists at risk?

Introducing Control de Cambios: a Spanish language podcast about digital rights

4:25pm | 18 March 2015 | by Javier Pallero,

Control de Cambios is a new podcast that focuses on the intersection between law, policy, and the internet and offers a fresh view about Latin America and beyond.

Best Practices for Digital Security while Traveling to RightsCon

3:18pm | 17 March 2015 | by Access Team,

Whether you’re a human rights activist, a businessperson, a government official, a technologist, or an academic — digital security matters. So as you make your way to RightsCon Southeast Asia in Manila, here are seven simple tips to help you travel more securely.

Highlighting the key digital rights issues before the UN Human Rights Council

8:19am | 17 March 2015 | by Peter Micek,

The 28th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC28) is taking place right now through March 27 in Geneva. Access developed a policy brief with our partners at APC highlighting the key digital rights issues on the Council’s agenda, as well as relevant side events and countries under review in the Universal Periodic Review.

Why Companies Come to RightsCon

2:35pm | 16 March 2015 | by Brett Solomon,

RightsCon is unique because we actively invite numerous stakeholders to the table, and this includes representatives from internet pioneers such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft, and also telcos from around the world including Telenor and Smart. Why do we invite companies to join us? Because businesses impact human rights.

Turkey and Russia share dubious honor of leading content removal requests on Twitter

1:34pm | 16 March 2015 | by Deniz Duru Aydin, Peter Micek

Last month, Twitter released its most recent transparency report, and it provides important insights into the evolving issue of freedom of expression online. The report confirms that Turkey has become a hotbed of censorship since Tayyip Erdogan was sworn in as President in August 2014 and launched a crackdown on the media.

New paper recommends how to keep surveillance tech from human rights abusers

10:41am | 13 March 2015 | by Access Team,

The release of a new white paper on the export of surveillance technologies is a welcome and highly relevant contribution to what remains a niche yet hugely important issue, says Edin Omanovic of Privacy International.

Net Neutrality rules ban fast and slow lanes, but leave zero rating in place

4:50pm | 12 March 2015 | by Deji Olukotun,

After a lot anticipation and hand wringing, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission finally released its rules about how it will implement its landmark Open Internet Order. The rules — which run some 300 pages — block the creation of fast and slow lanes and appropriately classify broadband internet as a "telecommunications service" under Title II of the Communications Act.