BINGO! You’re proud and secure

We’re capping off Pride Month with … Bingo! To celebrate and honor LGBTQ people everywhere who are working toward a more just and human rights-respecting world, we’ve updated our Digital Security Bingo card! It’s designed to help each of us strengthen our security online, so we can better protect ourselves and our community from common forms of attack and stay safe and proud — online and off.

Feel free to share widely with your friends, family, colleagues, and network. Pride Month may be coming to an end, but let’s carry the message forward  — together, we can make the internet safer for everyone!

For more useful tips, read EFF’s Surveillance self-defense guide and Access Now’s Self-doxxing Guide. To look for a group who can help you, visit the Digital First Aid Kit.

We would like to thank our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Soraya Okuda, Daly Barnett, and Rory Mir,  for reviewing this card and making it better. You rock!

You can find the bingo card below, or download it here. Take care everyone. We’re standing with you.

Digital Security Bingo Pride Month Edition