Security For All||

Announcing a global coalition demanding security for all

Around the world — from China to the U.S., from the U.K. to Australia — governments are considering (and in some cases, implementing) laws and policies that would undermine strong encryption. Encryption is the strongest tool available to protect users most at risk: these actions can only make internet users less secure.

Civil society has been fighting back, insisting that we need the strongest tools possible. And because the internet is a global resource, a threat to the internet in one nation is a threat to the internet everywhere.

Every fight is critical, but resources are limited. Rather than fight each battle in an ad hoc manner, we’ve united with organizations, companies, and experts from around the world to launch — an open letter to world leaders asking for them to support encryption and to avoid mandates that would undermine the security of users and companies.

The letter, which has already been signed by 195 organizations, individuals, trade associations, and companies, represents a global effort to advance digital security.

Organizations that have signed on to the letter hail from over 40 different countries across the world, including Australia, Brazil, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Turkey, and Zimbabwe. In addition, signing trade associations, including the Computer and Communications Industry Association, the Internet Infrastructure Coalition, and the Internet Association, represent some of the most significant in the internet and technology space. Individual signers include technology experts, academics, business leaders, and whistleblowers, including U.N. Special Rapporteur David Kaye, Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir, Professor KS Park, HackerOne Chief Policy Officer Katie Moussouris, and Professor Douwe Korff.

Our safety and privacy depend on secure communications tools and technologies. Encryption protects our most personal and sensitive information: our communications, bank information, medical records, and more. This letter represents the collective voice of technologists, companies, and organizations that rely on encryption.

We’re linking arms with civil society groups around the world so that we can ensure that we have the support to fight for your rights everywhere they are threatened.

Individuals who wish to join the open letter can do so at the website. Organizations or companies may contact Access Now Senior Legislative Manager Nathan White at [email protected].