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Meet Deniz Duru Aydin, an Access Now policy fellow from Istanbul, Turkey.


In Turkey, government authorities have enacted blanket bans on social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter, a practice that violates the right to free expression and threatens citizen journalism. Activists like Deniz are fighting back.

Over the past year, she has represented internet users in a number of global forums, sending a strong message to governments around the world: digital rights are human rights, and they must be protected.

“I fight for digital rights because the rights to dignity, security, privacy, and equality are universal human rights,” explains Deniz. “So long as one of us cannot realize his or her rights, none of us can enjoy these freedoms.”

Deniz testified at the United Nations last week, speaking for Access Now in a process to develop global internet policy for the next ten years—and she took your voices with her. More than a thousand of you told us what you think are the most important issues affecting the future of the internet. Deniz delivered your message in her speech to the General Assembly.

There is room for hope—but we’re not there yet.

Even though Europe’s highest human rights court recently ruled that Turkey violated free expression when it banned YouTube for two years, Turkish law may still allow internet blocking in some cases. We still need strong voices like Deniz’ to oppose these violations and help lawmakers develop law and policy that protects human rights.

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