Transparency Reporting Index

Transparency reporting is one of the strongest ways for technology companies to disclose threats to user privacy and free expression. Such reports help users understand a company’s policies and safeguards against government abuses. Disclosures illuminate the scope and scale of online surveillance, internet shutdowns, content removal, and a host of other practices impacting our fundamental rights. Investors also look to these reports to ensure that companies are upholding their duty to respect human rights.

Notably, we see stagnation in transparency reporting as the growth rate of companies publishing transparency reports has been decreasing persistently since 2013. As all companies become technology-based with possession of massive personal data, all should release transparency reports.

The following Index features a record of transparency reports from today’s leading internet companies and telcos. We encourage more companies to join this trend toward openness in order to build trust and strengthen user rights online.

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*Last updated July 2021. You can find the methodology here. The Transparency Reporting Index of entities in non-private sectors is available here.

Companies that disclosed annual data since 2014.