The fight continues this Human Rights Day: Access Now event highlights

December 10 is World Human Rights Day 2020. Each year, it marks the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Seventy two years later, under the theme Recover Better — Stand Up for Human Rights, organizations and individuals across the globe are coming together to advance and innovate the fight for human rights in the digital era. Brett Solomon, Executive Director at Access Now, will delve into the the most pressing issues at the cusp of this new, digital, post-pandemic world, while the #KeepItOn coalition discuss the internet as a human right, and expert panelists explore the possibilities and obstacles of digitalized journalism. See Access Now’s recommended events:

Plenary opening session at the 22nd EU-NGO Human Rights Forum The Impact of New Technologies on Human Rights

December 9
13:00 UCT

Join Eliska Pirkova, Europe Policy Analyst at Access Now, in setting the scene for this year’s EU-NGO Human Rights Forum, which will explore recommendations on how the EU can further foster human rights compliance in the digital sphere and seize the potential of new technologies to promote the protection of human rights for all.

Fighting internet restrictions – open and neutral internet for all session at the 22nd EU-NGO Human Rights Forum The Impact of New Technologies on Human Rights

December 9
15:30 UTC

States frequently disrupt internet connections, or block websites and platforms, to censor voices online and prevent participation and association. Join global experts, including Felicia Anthonio, Campaigner and #KeepItOn Lead at Access Now, in a discussion where the idea of a ‘human right to internet access’ will be explored.

The PRESSure is ON session at the World Press Freedom Conference 2020

December 10
11:15 UTC

People across the globe have developed creative new ways to communicate. Increasing digitalization has changed the boundaries of journalism. How can we ensure enabling and inclusive online spaces in which new forms of media can thrive and every individual feels safe to express their opinion? And to what extent should the digital space be regulated, if at all? 

Join Melody Patry, Advocacy Director at Access Now, at the World Press Freedom Conference’s PRESSure is ON session, and explore why it is so important to talk about digital rights.

State Control of Internet Access, Freedom of Press, and Atrocity Situations

December 10
16:00 UTC

Over the past few years, some States have developed new methods both of limiting access to the internet, and of regulating online content that they deem problematic. These initiatives stand in stark contrast to recent decisions by international tribunals protecting the right to free expression, and efforts at the United Nations to safeguard press freedoms. 

Clément Nyaletsossi Voule, Special Rapporteur on Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association, and other leading changemakers, will join Peter Micek, General Counsel at Access Now, and Berhan Taye, Africa Policy Manager and Global Internet Shutdowns Lead at  Access Now, to explore answers to the question, how can States effectively regulate access to the internet for legitimate protective purposes while complying with international standards regarding freedom of the press, and respecting fundamental human rights?

Human Rights at the Precipice: A World Made Anew

December 10
18:00 UTC

This year, under the theme Human Rights at the Precipice: A World Made Anew, will bring world leaders together to explore opportunities in the current global crisis. The event will convene a first-ever conversation between the four former UN High Commissioners for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, Navi Pillay, and Louise Arbour, for a rich, and recognize Archbishop Desmond Tutu for his extraordinary contribution to the global human rights movement.

Join Brett Solomon, Executive Director at Access Now, in addressing the need for urgency, innovation, and cooperation in the fight for human rights in the digital era. Register or watch live via YouTube.

Conversatorio: Problemáticas del activismo en DD.HH. en entornos digitales

December 10
21:00 UTC

Wikimedia Chile and Wikimedia Argentina are bringing together activists, civil society actors, and other stakeholders to explore the various (digital) strategies that Latin American organizations and activists have developed in the fight for human rights. Join Rogelio López, Security Incident Shift Lead at Access Now, in this Spanish-language session.

Transparency & tech: ten years in, where are we headed with transparency reporting?

December 11
16:30 UTC

With the 10th edition of RightsCon (June 7 11, 2021) coming up, Access Now is looking back on milestones and learnings from the past decade of the fight for digital rights. And this Human Rights Day, Access Now is also marking the 10 year anniversary of the Transparency Reporting Index — a cornerstone for ensuring human rights accountability across the private sector. 

Join us for a virtual conversation on transparency reporting as a tool for human rights. Our wide range of speakers will reflect on the past 10 years, examine the gaps that need to be filled, and look ahead to how transparency reporting must improve to meet the challenges of an increasingly digital world.

Fireside chat: Nicole Karlebach from Verizon, and Michael Samway from The BHR Group.

Interventions from: Eunpil Choi from Kakao; Patrik Hiselius from Telia; Uttara Sivaram from Uber; and Greg Waters from SASB.

Panelists: Dunstan Allison-Hope from BSR, Jessica Ashooh from Reddit, Sean Li from Discord, Louise Matsakis from Rest of World, Elizabeth Renieris from Ranking Digital Rights, and Alex Walden from Google.

Moderator: Peter Micek, General Counsel at Access Now.

No need to register, just visit Access Now’s YouTube channel

PrivChat hosted by Edward Snowden

December 12
18:00 UTC

Tor allows millions of people to protect themselves online, no matter what privilege they have or don’t have. For their third edition of PrivChat, Berhan Taye, Africa Policy Manager and Global Internet Shutdowns Lead at Access Now, will join Edward Snowden and other real-life Tor users who will share how Tor has been important for them and their work to defend human rights and freedoms around the world.

Join live the Tor Project’s YouTube channel.

Doing AI the European way: Protecting fundamental rights in an era of artificial intelligence

December 14
09:00 UTC

The EU Agency for Fundamental Rights’ Getting the Future right — Artificial Intelligence and Fundamental Rights report is launching December 14. Join Fanny Hidvégi, Europe Policy Manager at Access Now, and leading experts and opinion leaders as they discuss what the report shows about the impact on fundamental rights of the use of AI, and the resulting requirements for a future EU framework regulating AI. 

Join the livestream, or register to participate in the interactive parts. 

Data Protection & Digital Rights session at Future Affairs Berlin 2020

December 14
14:30 UTC

Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe undertake efforts aimed at giving their citizens more power to decide how and for what purpose data is collected online, and how governments can give their citizens actionable digital rights. The regions also face considerable challenges in achieving these objectives, driven for example by resource-poor enforcement, industry opposition and conflicts of interest by governments hesitant to limit their own authority. Join Estelle Massé, Senior Policy Analyst and Global Data Protection Lead at Access Now, and others, to shed light on major challenges and the options to overcome them. 

Sale of surveillance technology to oppressive governments in MENA region should be halted

December 16
14:00 UTC

In recent years an increasing number of human rights defenders, activists and civil rights organisations have been targeted for their exercise of digital rights and activism in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), particularly in the Gulf region. Oppressive governments are focusing on cyberspace to target activists and online activism by using sophisticated surveillance equipment that is imported from the West.

Join Access Now, the Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR), and the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) for a webinar exploring the sale of surveillance technology to oppressive governments in the MENA region and assessing the best plan of action to enhance the protection of online activists.

Speakers: Bill Marczak from Citizen Lab, Scott Campbell from the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights, Maya Wang from Human Rights Watch, Merel Koning from Amnesty International, and Safaa Al-Ahmed from ALQST for Human Rights.

Co-Moderators: Marwa Fatafta, MENA Policy Manager at Access Now, and Khalid Ibrahim from Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR).