Civil society groups urge European Parliament to take final steps to real Net Neutrality

Brussels, Belgium – After lawmakers reached an unclear compromise on Net Neutrality and mobile phone roaming charges earlier this year, the proposed Telecoms Single Market regulation has been submitted to the European Parliament for a final vote.

In the vote taking place in the last week of October, the Parliament will have to decide whether to adopt a text that could either deliver or undermine Net Neutrality, depending on its interpretation. The text contains positive principles prohibiting most — but not all — discrimination on the network. At the same time, several forms of restrictive behaviour could find refuge in its vagueness. If the Parliament adopts the text in this current form without amendments, it would be deciding not to decide on Net Neutrality.

“The European Parliament’s choice is quite simple,” said Estelle Massé, Policy Analyst at Access. “Either it adopts amendments to bring clarity to the text or it leaves it to regulatory agencies and courts to struggle to give meaning to this legislation.”

Net Neutrality is the principle that internet service providers treat all internet traffic equally. By ensuring equal access to the full, unfettered internet, Net Neutrality enables access to information and the freedom of expression online; anything less would harm users’ rights.

After two years of negotiations, the battle for Net Neutrality is coming to an end. Only a few pieces are missing to deliver Net Neutrality across the EU. It is now time to act.

“Together with our coalition partners, we are urging all European citizens to get in touch with their representatives in the European Parliament via https://savetheinternet.eu and ask them to fill the missing pieces of the text so that real Net Neutrality can be delivered across Europe,” said Estelle Massé.


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