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Access Now joins Global Encryption Coalition and continues to fight the good fight

As governments around the world unite in efforts to undermine encryption, Access Now is joining the Global Encryption Coalition (GEC) in the fight to prevent this critical technology from being weakened. 

Encryption helps people across the globe communicate freely and securely, and is a necessary tool to protect human rights in the digital age. 

“2020 and 2021 — years that saw an unprecedented rise in online activity owing to the pandemic, also witnessed an increase in proposals threatening encryption and jeopardising our online safety,” said Namrata Maheshwari, Asia Pacific Policy Counsel at Access Now. “We are committed to changing this narrative in partnership with the Global Encryption Coalition.” 

In joining the GEC, Access Now joins over 250 civil society organizations, technologists, industry associations, and companies to defend encryption. 

“We are excited to welcome Access Now in joining the Global Encryption Coalition. With their strong commitment to global digital rights and history of advocacy on cybersecurity policy, Access Now will be a vital ally in the Coalition’s mission to protect and promote the use of strong encryption on a global scale,” said Ryan Polk, Steering Committee Member of the Global Encryption Coalition and Senior Policy Advisor, Internet Society.