Introducing Control de Cambios: a Spanish language podcast about digital rights


In early March, Access partnered with the Peruvian digital rights organization Hiperderecho to launch a Spanish language podcast about internet policy called Control de Cambios. The podcast aims to share information and insights about internet policy in an accessible way, and to raise awareness about digital rights with new audiences in Latin America. The show will also provide a space for guest experts from around the world to discuss important aspects of internet development in the region.

Control de Cambios has produced two episodes so far, both featuring co-hosts Miguel Morachimo, a Peruvian lawyer and the director of Hiperderecho, and myself, Access’ policy analyst for Latin America.

The first episode examined the much debated issue of liability for internet intermediaries and the second show analyzed mandatory data retention laws and their challenges, especially in light of recent developments in Paraguay, where the dangerous Pyrawebs bill was narrowly overturned. Each episode includes links to sources and background information about the issues discussed on the program.

How to listen to the podcast

You can tune in to Control de Cambios online, where it can be downloaded or streamed live to your computer, or check it out on iTunes or Soundcloud. It’s free to listen and download.

We hope you’ll join us in this exciting new venture and spread the word to your friends in Latin America and beyond!

photo credit: Staffan Vilans