Survey: Humanitarian tech mapping

survey: humanitarian tech mapping

Survey: humanitarian tech mapping

The information you provide will be anonymously stored and only for the duration of this project. If you decide to share a means of contact for follow up, this information will only be managed by the research lead: your name or identity will not be disclosed in the research, and you can modify or withdraw the terms of your consent at any time. Learn more about Access Now data usage policy. For any concern or question regarding this project, please reach out to [email protected]

This form has been developed by the Senior humanitarian officer at Access Now as part of the research on the private tech landscape across humanitarian crises, with a special focus on Registration/biometrics, Data collection and management, Predictive analytics and AI, and Connectivity. To clarify the scope, we would be especially interested in hearing about services provided in high-risk areas, mostly related to conflict, man-made, or natural disasters.

The scope of this mapping is to better understand the trends and patterns of engagement between humanitarians and private tech partners, and provide recommendations for improved collaboration ahead.

These few questions will aim to understand the way you and your team have been using technology to support humanitarian programmes globally. If possible, we would appreciate the opportunity to follow up to this form with a 30-minute call to learn more about the details of some of these projects.


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