How’s your country on Net Neutrality?


The Global Net Neutrality Coalition now has 70 member organizations from five continents. Today the coalition launched a revamped website at thisisnetneutrality.org featuring an interactive map that shows the status of Net Neutrality around the globe; a model policy framework developed by the Dynamic Coalition on Network Neutrality for crafting legislation and regulations; and other resources for global advocates fighting for a free and open internet.

These improvements build upon a universal definition of Net Neutrality that has been translated into 16 languages, including Korean, Hindi, Icelandic, Russian, and Urdu.

Net Neutrality was secured in the  U.S. earlier this year, when the U.S. Federal Communications Commission created its Open Internet Rule — a victory won after years of activism and millions of formal comments were filed with the agency.

Meanwhile, the E.U. is on the verge of passing regulations that would protect Net Neutrality in 28 countries — unless they get watered down by opponents.

As the map reveals, countries as diverse as Brazil, Chile, Israel, and Slovenia have enacted protections for the open internet. At the same time, other countries, such as India, the Netherlands, and Finland, are currently debating changes to their protections.

As the coalition notes on the site, the open internet has fostered unprecedented creativity, innovation and access to knowledge and to other kinds of social, economic, cultural, and political opportunities across the globe. We hope this new map and the other new features will help advocates continue the push to keep this revolutionary platform free from discrimination.

Please share the new site widely! Interested in contributing research to the map or joining the coalition? Send a note to [email protected].