Help us fight for your digital rights in 2016

Here at Access Now, we’re taking the gloves off in the fight for digital security. It’s been an especially battle-ridden year for the team in Washington, D.C., which is on the front lines working with members of the U.S. Congress and White House staff to ensure your rights are protected. Please consider including Access Now in your end-of-year giving to help us keep up the fight in D.C. and around the globe.

Meet the the D.C. digital security squad: Nathan, Amie, and Drew.


Pushing through USA FREEDOM

This year, our D.C. team played a pivotal role in pushing through the USA FREEDOM Act, the first significant reform of U.S. surveillance law in a generation. USA FREEDOM bans some forms of bulk collection, increases transparency, and improves accountability, marking the first step in a long journey toward comprehensive surveillance reform that protects the human rights of all people around the world.

Fighting for strong encryption

Encryption is the cornerstone of secure communications, protecting our privacy and keeping us safe from criminals, hackers, and other bad actors, and the D.C. team is leading the charge to ensure that it is not weakened.

Amie, Nathan, and Drew organized our first Crypto Summit, bringing together activists, analysts, and policymakers to discuss the hard questions for digital security. They also led the mobilization of more than 100,000 people to ask President Obama to make a clear statement in support of strong encryption, which could help tip the balance of the debate worldwide. Next, they’ll launch a global campaign in support of encryption, fighting to ensure that people around the world have access to real digital security.

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