Freedom Not Fear International Action Days in Brussels this weekend


Participants expected from many countries – Snowden’s leaks and EU data protection reform in focus


It’s back! After two successful years, the third installation of the “Freedom Not Fear International Action Days” are happening this weekend, the 27th – 30th September, in Brussels, Belgium. FNF will bring together privacy activists and data protection experts from around Europe and the world, to participate in talks, political organizing, and networking in the capital of European policy.


This year’s massive revelations about NSA spying — including last week’s disclosure of the malware attack on Belgacom infrastructure by the UK’s GCHQ, known as “OP SOCIALIST” — have given FNF a special relevance. Alongside the EU Data Protection Regulation reform, there’s never been a more important time for discussing, strategising, and mobilising around privacy.


On Friday evening, the independent privacy activist Caspar Bowden will open the event with a keynote speech on the Snowden revelations and their impact on privacy issues. Saturday and Sunday will be filled with self-organized workshops, lectures, and discussions. On Saturday afternoon, we’ll take a surveillance sightseeing walk of through Brussels — and visit the European side of the spying business.


This year’s Freedom Not Fear gathering will conclude with a Monday full of meetings with politicians, including those from the European Commission and Parliament, and a slot with Mr. Peter Hustinx, outgoing EU Data Protection Commissioner.


“This year FNF carries a special significance not only for privacy activists but for all citizens around the world,” says Raegan MacDonald, Senior Policy Analyst at Access in Brussels. “Indeed, in light of the revelations of expansive spying programs, it has never been more important — for policy makers, civil society groups, and privacy experts — to come together and explore countermeasures that can protect citizens’ fundamental right to privacy and secure them from intrusive surveillance”.


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