Digital First Aid Kit released to help you protect against common digital threats

Access is pleased to announce the first release of Digital First Aid Kit, created in collaboration with a number of civil society and digital security organizations, including Hivos, Frontline Defenders, Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg, Virtual Road, Internews, and Global Voices. As we say on the site, the kit offers “a set of self-diagnostic tools for human rights defenders, bloggers, activists, and journalists facing attacks themselves, as well as providing guidelines for digital first responders to assist a person under threat.”

Translation: If an online account of yours has been hijacked, your device has been taken from you, your website has come under attack, you believe a device is infected with malware, or you are in need of secure communications for some other reason, you can refer to the Digital First Aid Kit.

The Digital First Aid Kit is a free and open source resource, so feel free to add to it, fork it, and remix it. You can find the code on GitHub.

And of course, please share news of this release with anyone you know who needs help securing their digital footprint.