Access Now’s Design Team manages web dev and printing processes to ensure quality, usability, and effectiveness; and generates creative strategies for advocacy campaigns. Consistent use of Access Now’s image and strong brand recognition makes the organization more memorable and valuable, which in turn helps us accomplish our mission of defending and extending the digital rights of users at risk in the world.



➔ Follow these guidelines for any press, marketing, or inter-company messaging
➔ Refer to Access Now by its full-capitalized name
➔ Reach out to our Design Team for any questions
➔ Use the recommended sizes and compositions to maintain the consistency and integrity of our branding


➔ Don’t modify or attempt to recreate Access Now’s assets
➔ Don’t refer to Access Now as “Access,” “accessnow,” or “AccessNow”
➔ Don’t use assets not provided on this website
➔ Don’t use old Access Now branding assets
➔ Don’t use the Access Now logo on top of colored backgrounds. Prefer black-and-white backgrounds and high contrast


The Access Now logo contains a round shape icon and the logotype is set in Din Bold. It is used for signed letters, reports, letterhead, and other digital materials. No smaller than 100px wide. The round shape can be used for avatar and account profile pictures. No smaller than 16px wide.



Access Now Green:
Hex: #77C043
RGB: 119, 192, 67
CMYK: 58, 0, 100, 0
Pantone: 368 C

Secondary – Digital usage only

Yellow: Hex: #d6df22 / RGB: 214, 223, 34

Red: Hex: #ec1c23 / RGB: 236, 28,35

Turquoise: Hex: #6cd5bb / RGB: 108, 213, 187

Purple: Hex: #57479d / RGB: 87, 71, 157

Blue: Hex: #27aae0 / RGB: 39, 170, 224


DIN Pro Bold: DIN is the standard Access Now typeface. It is used in printed matters and Access Now branded content (such as digital flyers).

Source Sans Pro: Source Sans Pro is an open-source alternative to DIN. It is generally used in Google Docs, internal docs, and Access Now website content.

Helvetica Neue: When neither DIN nor Source Sans Pro is available, you can also use Helvetica Neue for Access Now materials.

Multilingual content: For content in other languages, we recommend using Noto Sans (a Google Open Source Project for multilingual typefaces) to cover as many languages as possible. We do, for Arabic, have two special fonts: Cairo for prints and Tahoma for web.

peace sign

For other design, brand, and printing inquiries —or to talk about why we shouldn’t say that design “makes things beautiful”— email [email protected].