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Community and conduct at RightsCon Brussels 2017

As we prepare for RightsCon next week, I wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Brett Solomon and I am the Executive Director of Access Now. I’d also like to introduce the rest of the Access Now team, the people behind RightsCon.

Everything is being finalized for the event — the program, the venue, the panels. We can’t wait to see you there, joining more than 1,300 people from 95 countries. As you prepare to cross seas and land to get to Brussels, I’d like to take this moment to make sure you’re familiar with the Code of Conduct and our Anti-Harassment Policy for RightsCon and related events over the coming days.

As an international organization that extends and defends the rights of users at risk, Access Now is deeply committed to promoting human rights for all people. This means that we are also committed to diversity and empowerment within our own organization, within the RightsCon community, and as part of the broader digital rights sector.

This year will mark the sixth installment of RightsCon, one of the world’s leading events on the future of the internet. We’re looking forward to interesting — and sometimes provocative — conversations among civil society, technology company representatives, and government officials.

We want people to be excited to attend RightsCon, and we also want them to all feel safe — especially women, persons of color, and the LGBTQ community. That’s why we’re committed to creating an inclusive space for important conversations, debates, and polemics to take place. Our Anti-Harassment Policy and Code of Conduct at RightsCon will guide that environment.

We will do our best to ensure that every person who wants to attend RightsCon can do so safely and without fear of harassment, and if any issue does arise we will swiftly and rigorously follow the procedures outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Please take a moment to review our policies, and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out. Formal complaints may be lodged confidentially by emailing [email protected] or completing this form.