Am I Being Tracked (AIBT) is an Access Now project that allowed users to test their devices to see if they were being tracked by their mobile carriers. In 2014, security researchers revealed that mobile carriers in the U.S. were secretly monitoring the web browsing habits of their users. In the wake of this revelation, we developed this project to call attention to the practice and to better understand tracking headers. Our test is no longer live, but we provide resources on this archived site for researchers, technologies, and people who would like to learn more about their privacy.

What We Found

Since the project launch in October 2014, more than 200,000 people from around the world have used the tool, and the results are startling. Our report presents results of nearly 180,000 tests conducted in the first six months. Here's a snapshot of our findings: infograph
Download the full report to get a closer look at what we found about the use of tracking headers worldwide and our recommendations for governments, carriers, websites, intergovernmental bodies, and researchers.
We released the code for our testing tool on GitHub to enable others to further our research and provided a key insight into how companies were using these data.
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Our Impact

  • Verizon was fined $1.35 million by the Federal Communications Commission for the use of tracking headers through our campaign and the work of researchers, advocates, and courageous journalists.
  • Our report was widely covered in international media around the world.
  • We were able to directly pressure telecommunications companies to improve their data practices.
  • We educated hundreds of thousands of users about their privacy rights.
Questions? Visit our FAQ about tracking. If you are a researcher and would like to carry on this work, please contact [email protected].

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