Access Now at the 2018 Internet Governance Forum

This year’s 13th edition of the Internet Governance Forum is hosted by the French government as part of Paris Digital Week. The annual gathering, held under the theme “Internet of Trust,” is an important space for Access Now to engage with both state and non-state actors to ensure users’ rights are prioritized.

Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline staff will hold a Digital Security Clinic throughout the conference to help any participant with questions or concerns about digital security practices, needs, and capacity. We assist civil society globally, and can provide one-on-one consultations in several languages, or set up future trainings to enable your organization to audit and harden its digital security infrastructure.

IGF participants will also have the opportunity to visit our exhibition Disrupted Lives: Stories of people suffering internet shutdowns, which draws from the testimonies we have collected as part of the #KeepItOn Shutdown Stories Project to show the consequences of intentional, government-ordered internet shutdowns and network disruptions in people’s lives.

Here’s a guide to the public panels and events we’re organizing, co-organizing, or participating in:

Throughout the conference

Access Now Digital Security Helpline staff will be hosting a Digital Security Clinic on the UNESCO premises.

At the same location, you can also visit the “Disrupted Lives” exhibition.

Monday, November 12

IGF 2018 WS #407 Digital development & Data Protection in the global south: MENA region as an example
09:00 to 10:30, Salle III

IGF 2018 WS #193 Submarine cables governance & sustainable development goals
10:40 to 12:10, Salle III

IGF 2018 WS #98 Who is in charge? Accountability for algorithms on platform
12:10 to 13:40, Salle XI

Tuesday, November 13

IGF 2018 WS #427 AI will solve all problems. But can it?
09:00 to 10:30, Salle VII

IGF 2018 WS #170 Accountability for Human Rights: Mitigate Unfair Bias in AI
09:00 to 10:30, Salle IV

IGF 2018 WS #443 The Internet and Jobs: preparing Gen YZ for future of work
10:10 to 11:40, Salle IX

IGF 2018 IGF 2018 DC Public Access in Libraries: A Policy Toolkit for Public Access
10:10 to 11:10, Salle X

IGF 2018 WS #142 Net neutrality vs. 5G and new technological challenges
11:50 to 13:20, Salle II

IGF 2018 WS #382 The Future of Digital Identity and Human Rights
15:00 to 16:00, Salle VI

IGF 2018 WS #275 Before you know it, Internet governance will be irrelevant
16:40 to 18:10, Salle III

Wednesday, November 14

IGF 2018 OF #32 The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age
09:00 to 10:00, Salle IX

IGF 2018 WS #281 Public-Private-Civil Partnerships in Cyber Capacity Building
11:00 to 12:00, Salle II