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Access Now gets its first cryptocurrency donation

Access Now is thrilled to receive its first cryptocurrency donation from Mainframe.

Mainframe is a blockchain company devoted to building a network that enables decentralized applications, resistant to censorship, surveillance, and disruption.

“At Access Now, we strongly encourage the tech sector to focus on and support privacy, freedom of expression, and the open internet. We’re so pleased to receive this donation from Mainframe, a company with principles and priorities that reflect this focus. Their support for our work will empower Access Now to protect human rights across the world in the digital age,” said Brett Solomon, Executive Director of Access Now.

We are incredibly grateful to Mainframe for this generous gift of 220 ETH, which will be directed toward our core activities and campaigns to protect and defend human rights at a critical time, when instances of internet shutdowns are increasing around the world, attempts to target activists and journalists online are on the rise, and new challenges are emerging with technologies that can negatively impact the end users, both on an individual and societal level. While we are seeing some positive developments for protecting users’ data in Europe and India, for example, there are many battles still to be fought to ensure our rights to privacy and freedom of expression, whether online or off.