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New information and more questions on US global surveillance after Congressional oversight hearings

Representatives of top U.S. intelligence agencies testified before the House Intelligence Committee in a public oversight hearing. While the hearing largely served to allow officials to legitimate the recently-revealed massive US surveillance programs, a few representatives pushed back, granting the public important new information on these programs.


• 19 June 2013 • Lee Gensler

Stop Watching Us campaign begins push against NSA surveillance

Access, along with a coalition of more than 80 organizations and internet companies, released a letter and online petition demanding that Congress halt and investigate the US National Security Agency’s mobile phone surveillance and PRISM programs. During the press call held that day by lead organizers, coalition representatives stated that they would continue outreach to internet users and youth, while increasing outreach to both government officials and corporations.


• 12 June 2013 • Ella Cheng

Massive US surveillance program exposed

Update: The initial disclosure by Greenwald and the Guardian has since been followed by reports from, first from the Washington Post and followed by the New York Times, Guardian, and Wall Street Journal confirming and dramatically enlarging the scope of


• 6 June 2013 • Katherine Maher

Tracking network interference around political content in Malaysia

On Sunday, May 5th, Malaysia will go to the polls for a highly contested general election, potentially ending 56 years of single-party rule. But ever since the elections were announced in April, the internet has become become a target: opposition websites and independent media have experienced significant network interference–and with the election days away, pressure is intensifying.


• 2 May 2013 • Gustaf Björksten

Leaseweb releases first transparency report

The Dutch hosting provider Leaseweb releases first transparency report, joining growing ranks of internet companies proactively disclosing their human rights impacts. The Leaseweb report provides insight into both the type of requests faced by hosting companies and provides a model for hosting companies seeking to undertake similar disclosure efforts.


• 12 April 2013 • Jeff Landale

Free Cookies: Strings attached to browsing raise costs for users

The recent introduction of Do-Not-Track legislation is again bringing the issue of online privacy back to the forefront in the United States. Given its mixed history, lack of widespread agreement on how to treat Do-Not-Track requests, and what sort of behavior constitutes tracking, the effectiveness of existing Do-Not-Track systems are far from adequate.


• 11 March 2013 • Access Now Policy Team

Obama cybersecurity executive order good in short term, but sets worrying precedent

The order sets out provisions for sharing critical threat information from government to the private sector, but potentially establishes a foundation for later bidirectional sharing of sensitive information. Its vague categorization of what constitutes critical infrastructure limits transparency on threat reduction, and may hinder confidence building measures intended to mitigate cyber conflict. It offers some civil liberties protections, but doesn’t go far enough.


• 13 February 2013 • Access Now Policy Team

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