Call for Proposals: Vendor Opportunity for RightsCon 2021

Background Information and Event Overview

RightsCon is the world’s leading event on human rights in the digital age. In 2021, RightsCon will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary. Given the resurgence of the COVID-19 healthcare pandemic and for the safety of the community, it will return to an online format.

  • Dates: June 7-11, 2021
  • Number of participants: Up to 10,000
  • Number of sessions: ~375 total
  • 2 plenaries (opening and closing) – high level of production
  • ~20 fireside chats – medium level of production
  • ~250 community-led sessions (panels, community labs, strategy sessions) – moderate level of production
  • ~50 pre-recorded lightning talks and tech demos
  • ~50 invite-only, private meetings
  • ~3 social events

Access Now has determined the need for vendor support to implement the functions below. For more information about RightsCon, please visit

Vendor Opportunity
High-level needs – Summit


  • Facilitation of weekly planning meetings leading up to the event
  • Jointly built timeline of master milestones
  • Clear role division between teams and sufficient resources to fulfill milestones on deadline
  • Oversee all production logistics, including role division, tech rehearsals, and livestream execution
  • Dedicated technical support before, during, and after the conference
  • Run of show and production for opening and closing ceremonies
  • Keynote production support services for fireside chats
  • Moderate production support services for community sessions, including technical moderators
  • Production support for non-programmatic social events
    Video editing and production support for lightning talks and tech demos
  • Identification and support of Zoom-alternative platforms
  • Support the identification and production of low-bandwidth pathways of engagement
  • Opt-in closed captioning options


  • Website for managing registrations, payments, sponsors, agenda, session organizers, speakers, and other conference details
  • Platform mirrors the current RightsCon site in terms of interaction, structure, general user journey, and branding
  • Platform customization and testing support
  • Support for participants to connect one-on-one or in small groups over video chat
  • Opt-out ability for certain aspects of platform based on security
  • Safe and secure management of user data
  • Premium tech support with a dedicated phone line
  • Opportunities for virtual exhibition space
  • Platform accessibility testing and report (readability, multilingual, device and system compatibility)
  • Search capability of participant badges to name, organization, country
  • Build in-platform notification when session cap has been reached
  • API integration with Engaging Networks and other tools


  • Customizable registration questions
  • Vetting or approval capability
  • Revoke access capability (for individual sessions and the platform as a whole)
  • Unpaid and paid options at point of registration
  • Participants can self-select different ticket types or cost points
  • Customizable confirmation pages post-registration

Public program

  • Multi-track support: scheduling applications, calendar integrations, and RSVP service
  • Navigation of program agenda by filters (track, trend, format)
  • Production support and technical guidance for session organizer training series
  • Translation option for both platform archived and Zoom internal events
  • Search capability of program agenda to title, speaker, and organization
  • Identification and implementation of alternative process to calendar events for session organizers
  • Document integration with session descriptions
  • Allow for 15-minute post-session hallway space in Zoom rooms

Private meetings

  • Create tailored space for hosting private meeting
  • Technical moderator support for every private meeting
High-level needs – Responsive convening
  • Stand-alone RightsCon platform for responsive convening
  • Responsive support to turn around produced event in short timeline
  • Advise on the best formats and engagement opportunities in a virtual setting
  • Embedded registration within the RightsCon platform
  • Production support service to the level of fireside chat for one-hour convening

A detailed proposal by needs and specification is requested, aligned to a proposed project budget by task. Responses should be sent to the RightsCon Team at [email protected] by November 20, 2020.