Building positive, safe, and inclusive communities at RightsCon

RightsCon is fast approaching and we’re excited to welcome you as part of a growing global community.

As the host, the enjoyment and safety of RightsCon participants is of the utmost importance to us at Access Now. We take seriously our responsibility in creating and upholding our Code of Conduct, which all RightsCon participants have already agreed to in registering.

Access Now is dedicated to enabling positive, safe, and inclusive spaces for people, online and off. We strive to treat people with dignity, decency, and respect, and to build a community for everyone, free of intimidation, discrimination, or hostility — regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, nationality, origin, race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, or physical appearance. We don’t tolerate harassment in any form. Our Code of Conduct embodies our commitment to uphold these principles.

When you choose to participate in RightsCon, you are agreeing to uphold our Code of Conduct during official programming and all associated events, online and off. As a member of this community, we ask that you read and understand the Code of Conduct.

Throughout RightsCon, the Code of Conduct will be communicated on our website, in our program, and through signage. We will respond to information about any Code violations with sensitivity and respect. Our team will take actions as appropriate for the safety of the community (including warnings, or removing speaker or attendance privileges).

Confidentiality for those providing information and recusal of those involved in reported incidents are an inherent part of our Code of Conduct.

Ours is not the only community taking a hard look at the ways that abuse, harassment, and violence are perpetuated. Many institutions are engaging in long-overdue examinations of their role in widespread problems of sexual assault and harassment. As digital rights advocates, we are taking a stand to not only prioritize the safety of women and high-risk communities, but to create accountability and work together to build the types of positive, safe, and inclusive events that we wish to participate in.

Therefore, we will also be facilitating a number of sessions touching on issues of ally skill building, recognizing patterns of abusive behavior, and constructing and enforcing Codes of Conduct. We’ll publish a blog post shortly with more details on these sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns reply to us at this email, or reach out to our Code of Conduct team at [email protected].