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Report on OHM2013 on Yle Areena

Episode of A Studio on Finnish public television discussing OHM2013, including commentary from Access Senior Policy Analyst Raegan MacDonald.

Electronic Surveillance and Human Rights

Access Director of Strategy and Engagement Katherine Maher speaks on International Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communication Surveillance at a New America Foundation forum.

USA : La révolte des internautes

Franco-German TV network Arte reports on the American public's response to recent revelations on NSA surveillance programs. Features the Access New York office and Access Manager of Tech Policy and Programs Michael Carbone.

re:publica 2013 - Raegan MacDonald: Surveillance by Design

Hear Access' Raegan MacDonald discuss how while the collection, storage and analysis of our data becomes ever cheaper and easier, governments around the world are eager to make the surveillance of citizens the default setting.

Defend your Privacy! - Stop Lobby War on new EU Privacy Law!

Learn more about the dangerous holes Lobbyists have proposed in the new EU Privacy Law.

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