Access is proud to announce the
2014 Access Facebook Award

The 2014 Access Facebook Award is a joint project of Facebook and Access, and is part of the 2014 Access Innovation Prize.

US$10,000 will go to the project that best uses the Facebook platform to deliver a human rights or social good outcome. We're looking for initiatives across the spectrum - from enhancing freedom of speech and expression to improving the well-being of a disadvantaged group.

Access Facebook Award

Facebook The goal of the Access Facebook Award is to reward innovative projects using the Facebook platform to deliver a human rights or social good outcome. We are looking for initiatives from across the world, in all languages and addressing the issues that are important to you and your community. The Access Facebook Award is designed to discover and reward projects that demonstrate unique promise, opportunity and possibility.

Some examples of the types of innovations that the judges are interested in include the 2012 winners:

Interested in the Endpoint Security Award?

US$50,000 will go to the project that best addresses the issue of improving “endpoint security” of individuals and communities working in high-risk environments. To find out more, visit the 2014 Access Innovation Prize page.


January 15 - Applications process closes
February - Submissions judged, finalists announced, invited to RightsCon: Silicon Valley
March 3-5 - Winner announced at RightsCon: Silicon Valley

The Award

The winner will be awarded $10,000 and acknowledged publicly as the 2014 Access Facebook Award winner at RightsCon: Silicon Valley, the premiere summit bringing together leading engineers, activists, visionaries, companies, investors, and governments on the subject of the internet and human rights. There will also be opportunities for ongoing collaboration and integration with Access.

The Application Process

Applications are relatively simple. Applicants are asked to complete the following 5 questions:

  • What is your project, and how does it use the Facebook platform for human rights and social good outcomes? Links to project webpages and public code repositories are encouraged.
  • Why is your idea needed: Who will make use of it?
  • What’s your track record, and who are you working with to make the project happen?
  • What are the risks? How will you evaluate the project?
  • How will you make use of the prize money?

You can find the application form below. Individuals, organizations, and networks can apply. Any intellectual property of the winner will remain their own.


Measurable Impact:

We are looking for a project that has real impact for people on the ground! That is, the winning project will be chosen because it has already generated tangible positive outcomes. Thinking about how those outcomes are measured is important -- how do you determine the real world benefit of the project? And how many people benefit from it? We are interested in quality over quantity in terms of impact. The idea should have an evaluation mechanism built in, or should anticipate how the results will be measured.


You should be thinking about the long term sustainability of the project. While the US$10,000 prize is a well-deserved award for the hard work you have invested in your project, it is likely not enough to sustain the project for the foreseeable future. Describing how the prize money will be applied to your project may help you in this planning.


We're looking for projects that are new, unexpected, and interesting -- don't be afraid to experiment, collaborate, and innovate! Risk is a part of any innovative project, and by explicitly describing what risks your project faces you can better plan your project. Projects that can be scaled, replicated or applied to new regions are encouraged.

The Application

Fill in the
application form here.
Submissions close on January 15.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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