Vodafone, there’s blood on your handsets

After shutting off its entire Egyptian internet connection for 5 whole days, Vodafone, which part owns America's Verizon, then sent millions of their Egyptian mobile customers a series of pro-dictator text messages. From the "Armed Forces", one message called on citizens "to confront the traitors and the criminals and to protect our families, our honor and our precious Egypt".

So, they first shut off communications for Egypt's democracy movement; then they became the propaganda machine for the dictator. Vodafone says the Egyptian government forced them and that it's not at fault. Well, they should have thought first  before profiting from business deals with the regime. Enough is enough! Sign this petition to tell Vodafone to "stand up strong and commit to principles over bloody profit." 

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Dear Vodafone

"Enough! We disapprove of your role in shutting down the Egyptian internet and sending pro-Mubarak messages to your mobile customers. We do not accept your 'contractual obligations' excuse.  We call upon you to stand up strong against the regime and commit to principles over bloody profit. No more excuses."