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Access is a global movement for digital freedom that seeks to help digital activists harness the power of new technology to shape political events and fight for their human rights. Egypt has shown us that social media can be more powerful than the bullet, especially with the help of those in front of the firewall. Put your details below and be among the first to know what is happening around the world and how you can help to steer the course of our digital future and keep the internet open for all. 

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Why we need Access

Name “The free exchange of ideas and information is why the internet was created. ”
Joe, United States

Name “Regimes are hijacking people's ability to express themselves. Access is giving it back to them.”
Nick Perrett, USA

Name “How can we expect to link together globally if some of us are unable to access the internet. Bring down the firewalls.”
Ainslie Lenehan, Australia