MTN: Respect rights or get out!

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Update: We've kept the pressure up on MTN, releasing statements in August and November. Public outcry is beginning to frighten the company into standing up for user rights.

Respect the rights of citizens or get out of the country.

That's the message we gave to MTN, an international telco with an offensive human rights record, which includes turning off phone and internet service for Syrians in areas under military attack and allowing the Iranian government to spy on its citizens. 

MTN had the audacity to send its PR firm to ask us how MTN can improve its public image. We let them know what we think, but now it's your turn.

Join us in calling on MTN to stop enabling governments to violate the rights of their citizens. If we can get MTN to embed rights-first principles into its policies, it will empower the rest of the industry to stand up for their customers and push back against government spying and requests for user data.

Use the form to the right to sign the petition and leave a message for MTN telling them the importance of having a telecom that actively respects human rights, is transparent, and refuses to aid abusive regimes. 

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Dear Chairman Ramaphosa,

We call on you to stand up to governments who use your services for censorship, surveillance, and to otherwise violate the rights of their citizens. If the conditions in a country in which you operate make it impossible to respect human rights, it's time to end your operations there.

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