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Nokia Siemens has been engaging in a dirty trade: selling surveillance technology to repressive regimes. Under pressure last year from Access and other organizations, their executives were forced to finally admit their technology was used to "suppress dissent" in Iran, but despite their PR spin, Nokia Siemens hasn't really changed.

Now that Nokia has a new CEO Stephen Elop, who has indicated in staff emails his desire to 'rebuild their market leadership', what better way than to immediately halt all sales, support, and service of tracking and surveillance technology to rights abusing governments.

Nokia Siemens still has "technical contractual links" with its old human tracking business, and "In cases where the company has previously provided networks, products and/or services in Iran, the company would be willing to accept contract extensions ... " Moreover, many of the senior staff who worked for Nokia Siemens now work for a private and unaccountable holding company which was set up to continue this dirty trade.

Even when cases were brought against them in the courts they argued that they were not responsible for human rights abuses that took place as a result of the sale of their technology. 

Sign below and e-mail this petition to any of your friends with a Nokia phone or with cell service from a company that carries Nokia phones, and we'll present the case to Nokia Siemens and the governments that regulate them.

 Dear Nokia Siemens and the governments of the US and EU, 

We call upon you to completely end all sales, support, and service of tracking and surveillance technology to governments with a record of human rights abuses.

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