Help The Egyptian People

Sometimes we see things in the media and wonder how we can really help. As milllions protest in the streets, the Egyptian government shut down the interenet and mobile phone networks, but not even that could stop the Egyptian people. With the military now running the country, it is uncertain what level of digital freedom or online surveillance lies ahead. Until there is true democracy in Egypt, the protesters will still need our assistance. There are several ways that you can help them to do this:
1. If you have some tech skills, donate your unused bandwidth and IP address with the Tor anti-censorship tool, which you can download here. (If you're in Egypt download Tor here:
2. After the internet was been turned back on, the Egyptian government ramped up its cyber surveillance and was arresting the online leaders of the protests. It's unclear right now whether that will change no that Mubarak is no longer in power. Our friends on the ground say that in order to maintain the movement, they need fast, secure, and anonymous channels of communication to organize and mobilize, like Tor. With help from hundreds of people, we’ve setup 3 Tor-enabled servers, but they’re already maxed out. Will you help us add 3 more servers to the Tor network?  Help us by clicking here
3. Support Egyptians, Tunisians, and others behind the firewall by joining Access' Global Movement for Digital Freedom. We need to work together to keep the internet open beyond this current crisis. Fill in the form below and we'll keep you posted with action alerts:

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This image of Tahrir Square in Cairo has been plastered on Facebook pages, uniting pro-democracy protestors across the region.

For a good source of information about what's happening on the ground in Egypt, check out the "We are all Khaled Said" Facebook group at: and on Twitter: @alshaheeed