Voting begins in Egypt, Free Alaa

Read reports from the Tahrir protests from the Access team:

UPDATE: Alaa has been released! Go here to read more:

Update: A week after SCAF attempted to violently silence the Egyptian people calling for civilian rule, the polls have opened and Egyptians are turning out in large numbers to cast their vote in the first election since the fall of Mubarak.

The revolution earlier this year was a demand for democratic changes. While the election is a positive step, some are still skeptical and are sitting out the election. And no matter the results, SCAF will likely try to hold onto power anyway they can.

That's why the Egyptian people still need our help. Join us in calling for the military to stand down and hand power over to a civilian government. Thousands of civilians remain detained by the military, including many bloggers and journalists. While Alaa Abd El Fattah has been transferred to a civilian court, the fight for his freedom is not over as he faces new charges including "premeditated murder for the implementation of an act of terrorism."

As Egypt's largest aid donor, the U.S. has the most influence to ensure the military transfers power to a civilian government. The world is watching, and the U.S. needs to make clear that further U.S. military aid will depend on the establishment of a firm and expeditious timetable for democratic transition. Sign here now:

Dear President Obama and the U.S. Congress,

We urge you to call on Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to immediately and unconditionally end emergency law, begin a democratic transition, and stop the military trial and detention of civilians, including Alaa Abd El Fattah.

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