A worm in the Apple

Recent revelations about Apple tracking the locations of every WiFi hotspot and cellphone tower its users walk past is actually a symptom of a much greater problem: the US electronic privacy law that governs most of the phone and internet companies that people around the world use everyday (like Apple and Google) was passed in 1986! way before the internet as we know it existed. On Tuesday, US Senator Al Franken (a champion of user privacy) is holding a hearing that Apple and Google execs have agreed to attend. Sign the petition below and we'll make sure your voice is heard at this important hearing.

Dear US Senators,  

We need new laws that protect our privacy no matter where we are in the world and what kind of device we use -- including ensuring that we give informed consent over how our data are used and collected, the ability to dispose of data if we wish, and for any stored data to be encrypted in a way that doesn't jeopardize our privacy and security.

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