Keep Egypt Online

The Egyptian government shut down of the Internet and mobile phone networks was an attempt to plunge the country into an information blackout. And for 5 days almost no websites were available. As millions protest in the streets, the democracy movement needs the internet to organize, mobilze and communicate with the world and each other online. Reports are in that the internet is back and the mood is electric, but still no democracy! Please support this petition calling on the ISPs (including Vodafone) to keep the open the internet and to the mobile operators (including Orange/France Telecom) to maintain the mobile networks. Sign below!

To Vodafone, Orange/France Telecom and all ISPs operating in Egypt

"We call on you to keep the Egyptian telecommunications networks open. We ask that you stand firm against the Egyptian government and allow the people, and your customers, to communicate freely and openly at this vital time."

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Access is an international not-for-profit orgnanization, created with the support of Moveon, Avaaz, and GetUp, working to help keep the internet open for all.

* Petition text slightly updated to reflect the opening of the internet - 830AM EST February 2