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Transparency Reporting Index

Transparency reporting is one of the strongest ways for tech companies to disclose threats to user privacy and free expression. Our index provides you with an easy way to find reports from today’s leading internet companies and telcos. We encourage more companies to join this trend toward openness in order to build trust and strengthen user rights online.


As Istanbul protests continue, government turns off live camera feeds from Taksim

As Istanbul’s Taksim Square swelled with protesters on Friday night, local authorities seemingly disabled livestreams from the municipality’s ‘Turistik Kameralar,’ or Tourist Cameras, that showed views of the plaza. By scraping the feed, Access was able to identify when the camera was disabled, as well as evidence that seems to prove that the feeds were disabled deliberately, rather than collapsing under ‘viewer load.’


• 1 June 2013 • Katherine Maher

Access launches

Access launched, a website that makes it easy to explore the text and geographical scope of Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties (MLATs).


• 4 September 2014 • Access Now Policy Team

الجزائر : حراك متواصل في خضم انتخابات مثيرة للجدل فهل يتم قطع الإنترنت للتعتيم عن ما يحصل ؟

لم يتبق سوى يومين على الانتخابات الرئاسية في الجزائر والتي طال انتظارها منذ تنحي الرئيس بوتفليقة باستقالته في 3 أبريل 2019 قبل انتهاء فترة مهامه الدستورية في 28 أبريل. يرجع تنحيه إلى حراك الجزائر الذي بدأ من فيفري 2019 حيث


• 11 December 2019 • Emna Sayadi

U.S. to world: No privacy concerns here, move along

The U.S. government does not protect the privacy rights of non-citizens beyond its borders. That’s the message it will deliver at the U.N. Human Rights Council tomorrow in its official response to the 348 recommendations received during the second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the U.S. human rights record in Geneva.


• 23 September 2015 • Peter Micek

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