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Photo Credit - Hassen Selmi

Photo Credit - Hassen Selmi

Photo Credit - Hassen Selmi

Photo Credit - Hassen Selmi

Photo Credit - Hassen Selmi


The debate over encryption is making headlines in nations around the world. At Crypto Summit 2.0, we buckled down and started working toward solutions together.

The first Crypto Summit, held in July 2015 in Washington, D.C., brought together technologists, lawyers, and policy professionals from different sectors. Since then leading experts have considered proposals that would legislate the future of encryption — and the future of privacy and security online.

Crypto Summit 2.0 took place in March 2016 in conjunction with RightsCon, Access Now’s annual conference that explores the intersection of human rights and technology.

At the Crypto Summit 2.0, We asked participants to begin to address four policy questions that were identified in the first Crypto Summit. After collecting inputs from the working groups and remote participants, we compiled a outcomes report for each track. Below you can find all of the four reports.

Outcome reports

Making Progress:

Crypto Summit 1.0 focused on the history of the debates over encryption, the different types of encryption tools and technologies, the legal fight over the use of encryption, and the benefits and challenges posed by encryption.

Taking all the key questions identified in the Crypto Summit 1.0, we worked on four policy tracks and set out to begin tackling these deeper questions in the Crypto Summit 2.0. With the release of the outcome reports of the four tracks, we hope that other interested organizations will review these documents and advance them. In each track, we have suggested where further work is necessary.

We at Access Now look forward to continuing to work with civil society groups to fight for both strong security and protection of human rights.

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