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Tell Obama: Say no to cyber surveillance

11:04am | 16 April 2015 | by Access Team

Over the past few weeks, the U.S. Congress has been churning out privacy-threatening cyber surveillance proposals like popcorn at a movie theater. Today, a coalition of digital rights groups is launching a campaign to stop these bills from getting any farther in the legislative process.

U.S. FCC Confirms It Is Reviewing Verizon’s Use of Supercookies

2:43pm | 10 April 2015 | by Access Team

Yesterday, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission confirmed that it is reviewing Verizon Wireless’ abusive use of supercookies. This is a great step forward for mobile privacy in the U.S. and a validation of our campaign against mobile tracking.

Hashtags, Card Games, and Digital Rights: RightsCon Southeast Asia Closes

6:43am | 25 March 2015 | by Access Team

RightsCon Southeast Asia closed after another jam-packed day of events and demos of exciting tech tools. More than 500 participants joined together to learn, to contribute, and to achieve real world outcomes.

Supreme Court of India issues historic ruling on free expression, disappoints on website blocking

10:08am | 24 March 2015 | by Access Team

The court's ruling is still a victory for online speech in the country, despite skirting the issue of website blocking, says Access' Asia Consultant Raman Jit Singh Chima.

First Day of RightsCon Southeast Asia Wraps on High Note

6:23am | 24 March 2015 | by Access Team

After a busy first day, the conference saw the launch of new principles on free expression and an important judgment from a high court in India.

Australia on verge of passing new data retention bill

3:01am | 22 March 2015 | by Access Team

On March 19, the Australian House of Representatives passed a new data retention bill. Will it put the rights of journalists at risk?

Best Practices for Digital Security while Traveling to RightsCon

3:18pm | 17 March 2015 | by Access Team

Whether you’re a human rights activist, a businessperson, a government official, a technologist, or an academic — digital security matters. So as you make your way to RightsCon Southeast Asia in Manila, here are seven simple tips to help you travel more securely.

New paper recommends how to keep surveillance tech from human rights abusers

10:41am | 13 March 2015 | by Access Team

The release of a new white paper on the export of surveillance technologies is a welcome and highly relevant contribution to what remains a niche yet hugely important issue, says Edin Omanovic of Privacy International.

New white paper recommends targeted approach to controlling export of surveillance technologies

2:54pm | 9 March 2015 | by Access Team

Today, Access released a white paper that analyzes the role of government export controls in limiting the spread of sophisticated surveillance technologies. Entitled “Considerations on Wassenaar Arrangement Proposals for Surveillance Technologies,” the white paper focuses on the export of these technologies to countries known for violating human rights.

Women at Access Reflect on International Women’s Day and Digital Rights

5:38pm | 4 March 2015 | by Access Team

This year, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day by spotlighting Access staffers around the world — in Washington, Tunisia, Brussels, and New York. We asked them a simple question: Why do you fight for digital rights?

You Spoke Out, and They Listened: U.S. FCC Passes Strong Net Neutrality Rules

10:45am | 26 February 2015 | by Access Team

Today the U.S. Federal Communications Commission listened to the more than 4 million voices who asked for the agency to protect the open net. Voting 3-2 in favor of Net Neutrality, the agency re-classified broadband internet under Title II of the Communications Act—the strongest protections currently available. The move caps off almost a decade of activism by civil society groups in the U.S., but also pressure from groups outside the country including members of the Global Net Neutrality coalition.

What we can learn from Lenovo’s Superfish and the government’s SIM card heist

6:00pm | 20 February 2015 | by Access Team

This week two important news stories broke about digital security. The first related to the installation of adware on Lenovo laptops that used a very insecure method of tracking the web browsing habits of users. The Intercept reported the second news story, which detailed how U.S. and UK intelligence operatives infiltrated one of the world’s largest SIM card manufacturers to steal the encryption keys of the chips used in cell phones.

Infographic: Four Reasons Why the White House Cybersecurity Proposals Aren’t Enough

8:12pm | 20 January 2015 | by Access Team

Access released an infographic detailing our main concerns about the White House's proposed cyber security reforms.

‘Virtually overnight,’ regulators in India forced to confront net neutrality

12:06pm | 13 January 2015 | by Access Team

An Indian telecoms lawyer explains new encroachments on net neutrality in India.

Access Spotlights the Hot Digital Rights Issues of 2015

4:58pm | 9 January 2015 | by Access Team

2014 was a major year for digital rights, with some significant victories and some worrying setbacks. 2015 is poised to be no different. This year, we asked Access staff to spotlight the big digital freedom issues for 2015. And we’ll need your help in the fight for digital freedom around the globe.