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Leading Internet Groups and Online Platforms Announce Day of Activism Against NSA Surveillance

4:18pm | 10 January 2014 | by Access Team

A broad coalition of activist groups, companies, and online platforms will hold a worldwide day of activism in opposition to the NSA's mass spying regime on February 11th. Dubbed "The Day We Fight Back", the day of activism was announced on the eve of the anniversary of the tragic passing of activist and technologist Aaron Swartz. The protest is both in his honor and in celebration of the victory over the Stop Online Piracy Act two years ago this month, which he helped spur

Demand an End to Mass Surveillance: Support the People’s Principles

12:31pm | 26 November 2013 | by Access Team

In 2013, we learned digital surveillance by world governments knows no bounds. Their national intelligence and other investigative agencies can capture our phone calls, track our location, peer into our address books, and read our emails. They do this often in secret, without adequate public oversight, and in violation of our human rights.

CISPA passes House despite Obama veto threat

2:21pm | 18 April 2013 | by Access Team

The House of Representatives passed the privacy-invading Cybersecurity Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) by a vote of 288 - 127. The bill must still pass the Senate, and overcome a veto threat from Obama, before it becomes law.

Access Joins Obama Administration CISPA Veto Letter

4:38pm | 20 March 2013 | by Access Team

Access has joined nearly forty other privacy advocates, civil society organizations, and companies like Reddit and Mozilla in signing a letter urging the Obama administration to renew its veto threat against the resurrected cybersecurity bill CISPA.

Telco Hall of Shame: Huawei

4:29pm | 8 February 2013 | by Access Team

Telco Hall of Shame: ZTE

4:08pm | 8 February 2013 | by Access Team

Iraqi parliament moves toward revoking draconian Cyber Crime act

3:17pm | 8 February 2013 | by Access Team

On January 22nd 2013, the long-running campaign against the draft Iraqi Cyber Crimes law finally bore fruit: the Iraqi Speaker of the House approved a request to the Parliamentary Committee for Media and Culture to permanently revoke the proposed legislation.

Telco Hall of Shame: TeliaSonera

2:29pm | 7 February 2013 | by Access Team

Federal Trade Commission gets serious about Do Not Track

4:39pm | 6 February 2013 | by Access Team

In the rapidly-changing mobile landscape in the U.S., users often lack information about the new technology running their apps, games, devices, and accompanying privacy policies. On Friday, the Federal Trade Commission stepped in with guidelines to the mobile marketplace to better protect the privacy of mobile users.

Telco Hall of Shame: Telstra

3:06pm | 6 February 2013 | by Access Team

Telco Hall of Shame: AT&T

5:09pm | 5 February 2013 | by Access Team

Telco Hall of Shame: Verizon

5:08pm | 5 February 2013 | by Access Team

Telco Hall of Shame: MTN

3:13pm | 4 February 2013 | by Access Team

Telco Hall of Shame: Blackberry

2:51pm | 1 February 2013 | by Access Team

Telco Hall of Shame: Nokia Siemens Networks B.V.

3:21pm | 31 January 2013 | by Access Team