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A bill of internet rights for Brazil

1:45pm | 26 March 2014 | by Access Policy Team

Last night, Brazil´s Congress approved the "Marco Civil," a landmark piece of legislation comprehensively protecting human rights online.

Encrypt All the Things

9:33pm | 4 March 2014 | by Access Policy Team

Today, Access launched the Encrypt All the Things campaign to encourage widespread use of data security practices. The centerpiece of the campaign is the Data Security Action Plan of 2014 - 7 security-enhancing steps that companies can take in order to provide a minimum amount of protection to personal data.

U.S.State Department announces six principles to guide signals intelligence

6:17pm | 4 March 2014 | by Access Policy Team

Rule of law, legitimate purpose, non-arbitrariness, competent authority, oversight, transparency, and democratic accountability become US policy

Supervision without a Supervisor: EU data protection watchdog in danger

10:13am | 20 January 2014 | by Access Policy Team

Last Thursday, Europe’s top privacy watchdogs stepped down at the conclusion of their terms. This week, the European Commission has yet to name a successor for its most important privacy posts. At a time when the European Union is actively considering landmark privacy legislation and simultaneously responding to the Snowden mass surveillance revelations, this is at best a shocking oversight and at worst a deliberate attempt to undermine Europeans’ privacy rights.

NSA Review Group: Report Card

10:42am | 17 January 2014 | by Access Policy Team

Today, Access released it analysis and review of the President Obama’s Advisory Committee’s Recommendations for N.S.A. reform. While some of the suggested reforms could lead to welcomed increase of privacy protections, overall the recommendations do not go far enough.

Anticipated PCLOB reports: Classified? Toothless?

11:56am | 14 January 2014 | by Access Policy Team

Last week, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) released a statement detailing plans to release not just one, but two reports on NSA surveillance programs. The Board will release one report on metadata collection under PATRIOT Act Section 215 and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), expected in late January or early February, and a second report on the targeting of non-US persons under FISA Section 702, with an indeterminate release date. These reports come on the heels of a parallel report by the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies, released in December 2013.

MLAT: a four-letter word in need of reform

5:20pm | 9 January 2014 | by Access Policy Team

One of the many recommendations in the President’s Review Group report on the NSA surveillance programs released last month was for the review of MLATs, or Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties. This was the second time that MLATs made the news in December: at the beginning of the month, eight major internet companies issued a series of principles for reforming government surveillance that including improving the MLAT system. Clearly MLATs are an issue, but what does this four-letter word mean, and why are they so desperately in need of reform?

Review Group’s privacy recommendations for non-U.S. persons lack teeth

10:05am | 9 January 2014 | by Access Policy Team

Last month the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies released their report and recommendations on reform of U.S. surveillance programs. The criticisms in the report, and the detailed nature of the more than 46 recommendations, underscore how much the NSA’s current mass surveillance programs violate the fundamental privacy rights of people around the world.

Access welcomes the first round of GNI assessments

12:27pm | 8 January 2014 | by Access Policy Team

Access welcomes today’s report by the Global Network Initiative on its assessments of the three founding GNI members: Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!. The Public Report on the Independent Assessment Process addresses how the companies in question respond to government requests “implicating freedom of expression or privacy rights” and describes the assessment of these processes against the GNI Principles. According to the report, all three companies were found to be in compliance with the Principles, as per a case review by independent assessors.

AT&T becomes second telco to promise a transparency report

4:27pm | 20 December 2013 | by Access Policy Team

AT&T announced today it would begin in early 2014 to publish a semi-annual online report on the number of law enforcement requests for customer information that it receives, in each country of operations.

Due Process is a Human Right: Demand that the White House support ECPA reform

2:43pm | 5 December 2013 | by Access Policy Team

Today, Access is joining a day of action in the United State calling for reform of the U.S. Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) -- the law known for giving the U.S. government the ability to access your email and documents in the cloud without a warrant. ECPA is one of the internet’s most outdated laws: it was passed in 1986, before most people even had access to the internet.

More heads roll as TeliaSonera probes deals with ‘dictator’s daughter’

7:15pm | 2 December 2013 | by Access Policy Team

Swedish telco TeliaSonera is taking further steps to remedy its involvement in corrupt business deals in Uzbekistan, most recently by Monday’s ousting of four senior executives.

LIBE Series 10 & 11: IT Security in the EU Institutions

5:06am | 26 November 2013 | by Access Policy Team

In the 10th and 11th sessions in the European Parliament inquiry on electronic mass surveillance of EU citizens, focus is put on IT security in the EU Institutions and an off-the record discussion between the European Commission and the European Council on mass surveillance.

Access will be at the 2013 IGF in Bali—join us!

9:25am | 16 October 2013 | by Access Policy Team

Next week the Internet Governance Forum will kick off in Bali, Indonesia. Access staff will be there, participating in a variety of pre-events, workshops, and high-level meetings -- and we want you to join us. The IGF is the annual meeting that brings everyone interested in internet policymaking together on an equal footing. Members of civil society, the technical community, governments and more can share their new ideas, test out their theories or agendas, and challenge conventional wisdom -- all in the company of some of the most influential and experienced people involved in internet governance today.

Freedom Not Fear International Action Days in Brussels this weekend

12:04pm | 26 September 2013 | by Access Policy Team

It’s back! After two successful years, the third installation of the “Freedom Not Fear International Action Days” are happening this weekend, the 27th - 30th September, in Brussels, Belgium. FNF will bring together privacy activists and data protection experts from around Europe and the world, to participate in talks, political organizing, and networking in the capital of European policy.