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Russia cracks down on domestic political opposition

1:32pm | 17 March 2014 | by Jon Fox, Peter Bourgelais

Government censorship of news reporting online severely undermines human rights and freedoms of all Russians.

Access welcomes historic USG announcement on IANA transition to global community

4:37pm | 14 March 2014 | by Deborah Brown, Jochai Ben-Avie, Katherine Maher

Access has supported greater international oversight of internet resources. We welcome today's announcement that the U.S. Department of Commerce intends to transition its current coordinating role over the internet's domain name system — the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, or IANA — to the 'global multistakeholder community.'

Time to Encrypt All the Things

6:15pm | 12 March 2014 | by Amie Stepanovich,

It’s time to expand the public discourse. It’s time to talk about how to properly secure data and defend privacy.

EP adopts the Data Protection Reform Package

10:01am | 12 March 2014 | by Patrizia Simone, Estelle Masse, Raegan MacDonald

Today, the European Parliament adopted the Data Protection Regulation and Directive, commonly referred to as the Data Protection Reform Package (DPR). This vote represents another crucial step towards protecting European user data and the completion of the long-awaited reform proposed by the European Commission back in January 2012.

After mass surveillance revelations, Europe calls for privacy

10:01am | 12 March 2014 | by Patrizia Simone, Estelle Masse, Raegan MacDonald

Today, the European Parliament adopted its report and recommendations stemming from its investigation of the mass surveillance programmes of the NSA and GCHQ on E.U. citizens. The report, which was drafted over the course of 15 inquiry hearings conducted by the European Parliament civil liberties (LIBE) committee, heard testimony about the impact of the programmes revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden on the fundamental rights of European citizens.

Happy birthday internet kittens, and all those other things that make our lives awesome.

8:53am | 12 March 2014 | by Jon Fox,

Access invites every internet user to wish the World Wide Web a happy birthday by using #web25 or by visiting

U.S. surveillance program under scrutiny by U.N. Human Rights Committee

11:07pm | 11 March 2014 | by Deborah Brown,

This week the United States will stand before an expert body at the United Nations and be forced to face difficult questions regarding its human rights record, including its performance on the right to privacy. Among the list of issues prepared by the Human Rights Committee for the review and shadow reports by human rights organizations is mass government surveillance and the U.S.’s refusal to recognize the extraterritorial application of human rights obligations.

2014 Access Innovation Prize winners announced at RightsCon

4:38pm | 11 March 2014 | by Michael Carbone,

Access is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Access Innovation Prize at the RightsCon evening reception on March 4th. There were two awards this year, a $50,000 Endpoint Security Award and a $10,000 Facebook Award.

What would Access ask Edward? #SXSnowden

11:26am | 10 March 2014 | by Katherine Maher,

Ahead of RightsCon and SXSW, Access staff put their heads together to come up with our own list of questions for Edward Snowden, who is appearing today March 10th at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

Encrypt All the Things

9:33pm | 4 March 2014 | by Access Policy Team,

Today, Access launched the Encrypt All the Things campaign to encourage widespread use of data security practices. The centerpiece of the campaign is the Data Security Action Plan of 2014 - 7 security-enhancing steps that companies can take in order to provide a minimum amount of protection to personal data.

U.S.State Department announces six principles to guide signals intelligence

6:17pm | 4 March 2014 | by Access Policy Team,

Rule of law, legitimate purpose, non-arbitrariness, competent authority, oversight, transparency, and democratic accountability become US policy

Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Southeast Asia!

10:46pm | 3 March 2014 | by Jon Fox,

RightsCon Silicon Valley 2014 is behind us and it was an overwhelming success! A big thanks goes out to all our expert speakers and sponsors and a special shout out to all RightsCon 2014 attendees for bringing the conference to life!

Statement from detained Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah

5:09pm | 3 March 2014 | by Katherine Maher,

Today, Access kicked off the third installation of our RightsCon conference series in San Francisco, with more than 600 people from 375 organizations and comapnies in attendance, representing 50 countries. One person who was not here is Alaa Abd El Fattah, of Egypt. Alaa joined us at the first RightsCon, in 2011, as a keynote speaker on the relationship - often complex - among technology, activism, and true social justice. When he left RightsCon, he flew straight back to Egypt, to serve an unjust, politically motivated prison sentence. Today, he is in prison again -- again, without justice or cause. His family shared the following statement with us to share today.

RightsCon Silicon Valley 2014 Kicks Off!

1:40pm | 2 March 2014 | by Jon Fox,

After months of planning and preparing, we’re ready to kick off RightsCon Silicon Valley 2014, the premier gathering of tech policy leaders, entrepreneurs, and digital rights defenders from around the world. I’m in awe of the amazing lineup of speakers and experts, and we want to make sure you have access to them too!

Spotlight on Internet Governance: Part Three International Telecommunication Union

10:56am | 2 March 2014 | by Deborah Brown,