Gustaf Björksten

Chief Technologist

Gustaf (Email:, PGP Key: 0xA70A0F7B) has been gaining professional experience as a technologist and information security specialist since 1994, most recently in the area of surveillance technology. He has worked in many different ICT environments and reckons he has seen just about everything. He has worked for dot com startups, led from the front during the internet boom, and endured the dot com bust. He has worked for small companies, rapidly growing companies, and very large corporations in the computer games, education, ISP, pharmaceutical, telecoms, and financial sectors. From 2001-2005 he founded and ran a hackerspace in Melbourne, Australia that housed over 150 computers of every size, description and platform. That hackerspace was also the base from which anti-net-censorship, no-net-tax, anti-war, and other activist campaigns were fought. He is glad to be given the opportunity to apply his technical experience to defend and extend digital human rights for all people.


As Istanbul protests continue, government turns off live camera feeds from Taksim

As Istanbul’s Taksim Square swelled with protesters on Friday night, local authorities seemingly disabled livestreams from the municipality’s ‘Turistik Kameralar,’ or Tourist Cameras, that showed views of the plaza. By scraping the feed, Access was able to identify when the camera was disabled, as well as evidence that seems to prove that the feeds were disabled deliberately, rather than collapsing under ‘viewer load.’

1 June 2013


Tracking network interference around political content in Malaysia

On Sunday, May 5th, Malaysia will go to the polls for a highly contested general election, potentially ending 56 years of single-party rule. But ever since the elections were announced in April, the internet has become become a target: opposition websites and independent media have experienced significant network interference–and with the election days away, pressure is intensifying.

2 May 2013

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